My style is styleless, my groove is timeless and my love is big. I am a live looping artist that brings good vibes everywhere I play. A touring musician, singer, song writer and multi instrumentalist with big plans to inspire hope and head bobbing good music. Although my music is high energy and feel good, my lyrics have a depth to match my soul that is rooting for our human race. I believe in us, I believe in love. I am also in the Band Apocalypse streaming everywhere. 




Paul Elledge Potography


Summer 2022

 Stella will be going international! With plans to travel to Portugal to tour with Little Element! 

Help manifest my noble Journey!

Love my mission? If your feeling like racking up some good karma, donations for our tour this summer to inspire more love and raising consciousness as a whole are greatly appreciated. I rely on community for me to be able to continue my blessing to create this more loving world.

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Click the PDF link above to see all the magic of the Murals & Music tour that took place, all documented by blog posts and divine timing!

Summer 2021 New Age Voyager and I embarked on a journey across America to inspire, heal and expand ourselves to better serve the world's ascension. We did just that and then some. Following spirit, 6 planned shows turned in to 17. Multiple large festivals like Rekinection, Rejuvination, and Manifest Station festival. We couldn't be more grateful as we continue on this Magic Carpet Ride of a musical journey to inspire. Sky is the limit, as we continue in service with no ceiling set as we aim to awaken and inspire the masses through our musical medicine. 



Music & Murals Tour 2018 Urning for something different, and fearless to act on the divine inspiration I received in meditation. I set out on a completely heart guided journey in 2018 with no plans but to follow the wind as it took me on a mission much bigger than myself. I painted 6 murals across the country and played 6 organized shows. Every since then, I have let creator guide my career and every move to help bring forth a more loving world. 


Music Videos, Freestyles & Guided Meditations 

I Wanna Go Home

Painted live for #VoiceofCLE in public square  downtown Cleveland Ohio

Magic Carpet Ride

Mural Music Video and Beyond!!

New Beginnings Meditation

A powerful tool of transformation

Global Prayer - Jordan Serpentini

The time is HERE, the time is NOW

Gaia My Fiah

My passion to give respect to Gaia

A Stripper's Perspective - Stella Lumina a.k.a. Jordan Serpentini

About Subtitle

The Road Trip to Nowhere - Jordan Serpentini feat. Jenn Soto

Simplicity, it embodies you and me when we know the destination of life is the journey! Enjoy our creativity!

Creators Way - Divine Free Flow

View Now

The Spice of Life - Divine Free Flow - Jordan Serpentini

Being in the flow of things, and always supported in all wonderful ways by the universe is my favorite part of life!

Whatever You Like - Divine style cover - Jordan Serpentini

but baby theres just more to this life!

The Reason - Divine Free Flow - Jordan Serpentini

A life altering trip to Vietnam and Cambodia

Each New Path

It is never to late to being a completely new chapter of your life, where it B lines into the unexpected, or to that thing you’ve always wondered about doing but talked yourself out of thinking Jt couldn’t possibly work. Let fluidity overcome and enjoy what comes through you! Each new path I grow, find myself more mind, body and soul. 

Ova and Unda

The path to all that we are, all that we need and all that we seek, all go to the exact same place...within. Once we all recognize this, we can see the huge shift we can make in our beloved Earth! Let’s come together, spread the word of love and change this game!

Jason Mraz -I'm Yours Cover

About Subtitle

Divine Free Flow - What are You Scared Of?

Have a Look

Live "Love Shines Brighter than Night" (Joe Culley, Kelvin Arthur, & Jordan Serpentini)

Press Play ft. Jordan Serpentini

Have a Look

Divine Free Flow - Ripple Affect

Press Play

Music & Murals Tour

I am embarking on a magical journey that follows my inner intuition from little town to little town in seek of painting an inspirational mural channeled from the divine focused on bringing unity and healing to all who see it! The mural will also serve as a reminder of our spiritual truths as spiritual beings having a human experience. The murals completion will represent the beginning of the live concert of my debut album "Acoustic Spirit" Sound, Light & Love, awakening the souls of many and inspiring high vibrational healing to all who hear it!

WOW, my thoughts after the tour is that I am never leaving this amazing flow of divine prosperity and love! I traveled across the entire united states from coast to coast in 4 months! Without planning a single thing, other than setting verbal intentions to the universe to "Alwas be provided with everything that I need as I need it" and to "be fullfilled in all beautiful, postive and creative ways" SO MUCH MORE THAN I COULD EVER IMAGINE HAPPEND! All of which was documented along the way in my blogs!

I painted six murals in different states,

I performed five concerts, and innumerable smaller shows,  

I was featured in two magazines

And I got to cohost a radio show!

Not to mention I had attuned 12 people with the gift of reiki healing to heal themseves and their families!

From here on out, ive forever lost my mind in order to follow my heart!

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Upcoming Shows 

Astral Radio Fest ~ C Bars - Euclid Ohio 11/24

Manifest Station Festival ~ Camp Taum Sauk - Lesterville, MO 11/24-26