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Abudance Fun-dance

Abundance fun-dance

Well first we have to know of our MAGNITUDE. Woah your huge, I’m not saying physically, I’m taking etherically. That means energetically your human energy field is massive, with massive capabilities as well. You are so attractive! I mean beautiful yes inside and out, but beyond that...physically, mentally, etherically and spiritually we are creators. Each thought puts our painting of life in motion. Each word is another dip of the brush in paint and each action is another brush stroke towards competing your painting. Do you even know what your painting looks like? Or are you unaware that your creating your life painting every moment! “I monitor my thoughts carefully and only allow positive and loving thoughts to come through my mind” was the beginning of me trying to get control of my mind again to create the life I REALLY wanted. Yes we have been kinda lied to about who and what we really are, but there’s no point wasting your life painting with angry thoughts of untamed violent brush strokes. It just takes more time to clean it all up and paint over them later! NOW, yesterday I needed help. Financially the unexpected happen, and my bank account went from 800 something dollars to 44 real quick. I had another expense of 185 going to be cleared by midnight, and if I didn’t get sufficient funds in my account they were going to tack on another $40 penalty. SO, I did my very best not to let financial imperfection get though my mind. Instead, I dropped all ego and asked for divine help! I put out an “I wonder how the universe is going to financially bless me tonight!” This in universal law language means I know the universe has my back and I look forward to seeing what creative way they bring an opportunity to me to do so! YOU HAVE TO KNOW the universe is bringing it to you the moment you ask, we just have to see it as valid and have confidence in ourselves once they show us the idea or give us the sign of where to start! I also asked the higher energies looking out for us to keep any thoughts of financial imperfection from entering my subconscious, and to shower over me with the divine waters of abundance in all positive, creative and fulfilling ways! What is abundance? How do I use it to my advantage? Because let’s face it, no body wants an abundance of shit, or an abundance something bad. Usually I don’t assume but I think it’s pretty safe to say that an abundance of love, happiness, financial freedom, gratitude and perfect health are much more our speed. Gosh! How do we get it though. You just ask! And then you do a great big abundance fun filled dance that you did it! You asked so all is coming to you, and dance because you freaking did it, you sucked up your ego, asked and believed in that being enough to come true! A few moments after I asked, I had an intuitive gut feeling to go to this antique shop I’ve always wanted to check out. How this was relevant to my situation I didn’t know but I TRUSTED that it was what I needed to do! So I went to it was actually minutes from closing, but the people who owned it were old high school friends! Right then a painting friend I knew from watching him paint live at a music event walked in named Brandon! We talked a bit and he was telling me about his most recent music shows he had successfully painted at! We parted ways and it hit me that that was how I was to get more money for the night!

There was an open mic night at Uncorked Wine bar every Tuesday and I was going to play it, however this time the divine were guiding me to paint live to it just as Brandon did! I had never done this before but I also put it together that there was a higher reason my mom had found 4 brand new smaller canvases this morning that I forgot about while I moved houses! It all made sense, that was my next step. So I fought off thoughts of it not going well, not selling anything or simply giving up hard, and said nothing but the opposite allowed when a negative thought would pop in!

So that night I signed up for the very last spot in the open mic, and set up all my painting gear. I painted the feelings that the music each person that played before me made me feel. I made an announcement that I was selling them for 10$ each and 3$ prints I had left over from my art studio. I sold almost ALL the paintings I did that night! It was wild, by 11:41pm I had successfully put in all that I needed to make my account good! The main thing as a human being in this society I had to overcome while working to create this miracle and blessing was self doubt. I had to know that this was going to work because they wouldn’t put the idea there if it wasn’t! You got this people, ANYTHING can happen, just know that you ARE good enough to make them happen whatever they may be no matter how ludacris or impossible they seem.****as I think of how impossible it seems to be orbiting a great ball of fire on this smaller ball of water** people anything is possible.

With infinite love and light,

The Universe through Jordan

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