Rei is the Ki in Cali

So for those who don’t know “reiki” is pronounced ray-key. Now Rei means universal life force , or the energy that gives us life. Yes it’s the same energy that runs through all of creation from the trees, to the plants, to you and to me. Ki means one thing, but is said differently all over the world! Ki is Japanese and means energy just like prana in Sanskrit, mana in Hawaiian, and chi in Chinese! That was what I was to go to Cali for first and foremost. It just happened that I put out to the universe that I wanted to find some rad skate spots along the way. What could be a more rad spot than the Vans U.S. open at Huntington beach competition! A competition I had always wanted to skate in, but was never invited to. As a professional skateboarder, competition is such a strange thing. You skate for the love first and foremost but you must perform as a representation for a brand simultaneously. I know the bigger the sponsor the more pressure you have on you to succeed. For me, I succeed without pressure. That I why I actually took a few month break from skating for the first time in my 18 years of skating. Except this time I voluntarily did it, and for the first time in my life a hospital wasn’t telling me that I couldn’t skate for x amount of weeks! Taking the competition aspect out of my life has made such a big impact for the way better. This time around, I knew I was there to spread love and the true realm of competition was one with my ego. I compete against it to always stay in my peaceful heart, a grand feat that gets easier with time and practice. The day of the competition I remember writing to myself to let go of all outcomes of the competition for my work on California was truly one of a spiritual accord. I had so much less anxiety about it and a much higher level of fun!

From girl is not a 4 letter word photography

I was to attune my soul sista Julz to learn reiki 2! Talk about a shredder, this woman know how to grind the most tiles in a pool every sesh. Her skating matched mine on high levels of charging, yet her voice is one of Angels. So high, soothing and soft. She was ready for new levels of healing and energy. Plus it was so fun hanging out and jamming, whenever we’re together we freestyle hard! We both have some fun rapping skills, so when we’re in the same place you know it’s going to be nothing but creating good music vibes, deep talks and shredding! It was just that. She’s always protected for she stays centered in prayer. This time she was living in a most beautiful place, with plumeria trees lit front, and avocado tree out back and so many succulents I couldn’t keep count!

The competition went well, I didn’t nearly land half of what I wanted but I spread double the love so I did a job well done I reckon. Also ended up trying to give some reiki there but one of the sponsors said I didn’t have a certificate on file for the emergency team so luckily I was able to meet the right person to make that happen for next year! I’d love to give reiki to all my fellow skaters just like I did at the x games! Especially since skaters are so hard on themselves. That self doubt or my good enough to land this trick mentality really does store up in the body, so skaters tend to release so much of it in reiki especially from their hips, knees and ankles! Seeing and staying with Chris and Alicia was so great too! They live right on the Venice beach board walk! So so awesome to be able to go outside and just be right by the water! It had been like a year and a half since I surfed so I made sure to rent a board while I was out there! I picked it back up like riding a bike! So soul nourishing. I had definitely been out of the ocean for FAR too long! I was able to give Chris some reiki and attune Alicia to do reiki 1. Feels good to help others. Give a man a fish and he eats that night but teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Same concept with reiki, teach one to heal themselves and they do it for a lifetime and heal all who then come to them too! Win. Win. Win. Situation! For not only does the reiki master receive healing as they give it for the divine energy is flowing through them like a faucet, the reiki receiver gets a healing and all the left over cleared energy gets transformed into healing for Mother Earth! LITERALLY everyone gets healing!

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