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Global Prayer

Ahhhhhh, I wrinkle my smile muscles at just the thought of this song. Each day I wake up praying for the highest good of the world, and for many individuals including myself. I pray for divine protection and clear and obvious guidance on my path, and mostly I’m praying for whatever experience is brought into my path that is upsetting to my heart. This is where I take action in asking my heart how I can help. Sometimes I feel called to go help that person or situation directly, sometimes I am to just grace them with positivity and love to the degree I feel called to share, and ALWAYS I feel compelled to send prayers for their highest good and to their families. To most degrees this is all I can do. This entire lifetime as Jordan, I have learned to create my own definition of how much just one soul can do. The word “just” leads us to think so little of ourselves and our abilities. For instance, I’m “just” one person, or in a similar case: I’m “only” human. One thing I can speak of with all seriousness and truth, is that I’ve far exceeded any expectations of what “just one” soul is told that they can do or the change they can bring to this world! In reality, your “the one” to bring change of whatever grandness you feel this world or yourself needs! The ceiling of possibility is set by you, so I simply choose to not set one! I shall forever be surprising myself of what a human being can accomplish, and I’m doing it through cultivating a deeper connection to my higher and truest self! It is my compass of higher wisdom that leads me to manifest things so rapidly. I look inside for all my answers, and I remember that I am loved always in all ways! Many a days, tears have flowed heavily through my eyes at the different versions I see of what it means to live on Earth. Most people in America are souls asleep to their own divine might for we have been told a story of our origin that says otherwise...on purpose. Go ahead, go within and don’t just take my word for it, but use your own hearts discernment to ask if this is true. Most of us lives in a society that views us as a number, and not as a soul. Where the all mighty dollar time and time again outweighs in importance the future of the Earths livability, and the love we all deserve to have. I have a beautiful message to bring to the world that my soul has signed up to bring!! That fire inside, well, I call it my purpose. It is one of peace, one that sees through all illusions of being separate from one another, and one of truth in who we are as a creator race in this galaxy. We are made in the image of creator, and therefore that I use to describe myself without limiting ALL that we are. one incredible moment, unbeknownst to me, a song already written in the higher dimensions flowed through me! I felt inspiration to play and thankfully it drove me to record myself, so I captured the very beginning essence of the whole song. So powerful, so an answer to my prayers, so a god sent from above, so a game changer for earth, so the next step on my path to spreading love andight all over the world through music!! So many things, but beyond all else, this song was a prayer, a catchy, yet incredible, all encompassing prayer that will transform this world when it is out in front of the right people to project it across the world! Through meditation and divine guidance, I was told that this song had the ability to manifest change on a truly global scale, bringing healing and world peace to the masses.....and that the more people who sing along, the more they co-create the harmonious world that our hearts know is possible and is coming even better! It comes from the 9th dimension, where extremely high vibrational beings live in a constant state of grace, oneness, gratitude and peace. A level modern mankind has yet to see as a collective! I feel in the truest version of myself when I play this song!

With Infinite love and Light, The Universe through Jordan

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