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Jordan Serpentini

I am all ll that I am, forever present in sound, light and love.

This is the lifetime of evolvement, one of transformation into my truest divine self. I find myself flowing through life as the river of creativity inspires me to follow each new step on my path. I am to serve as a divine example of a love and unity wherever I go. Whether that be through the creative arts of music, visual art, or healing arts, all is done to inspire and awaken others of their life's purpose. Thank you for taking part in my journey of the soul!


With love always in all ways,


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My Story 

         Hi! I go by Jordan this lifetime around.  I was born with a passion for all things creative like art, music and living life. At the age of 7. I was blessed with my first skateboard. Little did I know this board with four wheels would serve my future as a tool of world travel, passion and career. I became the first female to turn professional at the age of 21 for the state of Ohio through Sun Valley Sports and La Fabbricona Skateboards. I traveled the world competing in the World Cup Skateboarding circuit. Suited with creative gifts, I figured I would need to figure out a way to spread them, so I endeavored upon receiving an International Business degree from Hawaii Pacific University. I especially enjoyed finding ways to offer her creativity that would inspire others to find their own creativity, so I started a business named Ragical Life (Rad & Magical) that would blend her passion for skateboarding with her love for art. She would paint murals on the grip tape black top of skateboards. Her griptapes became the prizes of world renowned skateboarding competitions. 

          On root to go to the Olympics for the Italian team with skateboarding, my life B lined after a near death experience, where I got knocked out skateboarding with a serious concussion and seizure, altering my very purpose as I knew it. The doctor prescribed what I was most afraid of, slowing down, 10 days of stillness with no mental stimulation whatsoever to be exact. During this period of deep reconnection to simplicity and solitude, my life sprouted new meaning. I had heard angelic voices from within letting me know that I was blowing passed signs to slow down, and that it was time to take a new path, one that would spread my creativity further and deeper than before. . Within the next few months my life would fall apart to be rebuilt in a more aligning way, for I had suffered deep depressions, obsessing over others opinions while noticing traumas from my childhood resurface over and over again in her life. So rather than go back to how I was, I followed this mysterious angelic internal voice each day, which lead me to trust in the natural flow of the harmonic universe. It was then, I had activated..

          With a fire to change the world in a more beautiful way, I merged with the divine, embodying a true force to be reckoned with when I put my heart to anything. I have been determined to put a stop to this lack of self love, and all the separation in the world that keeps us from experiencing peace. So I began to pray. Pray for myself, and for clarity as well as an ascended master to teach me the ways of enlightenment. I talks about how each step manifested before me in strange and wonderful ways that would bring those prayers to life. With my new found understanding of self as a magnet, and the Laws of the Universe that co-create our realities, I dove completely into a new lifestyle. Where adopted a serious meditation practice and cultivated this inner connection to my intuition.
          One by one, step by step, I began to open up wide. Pitfalls of comparison and anger from my past would be faced, felt and released. I was guided to the transformative powers of Reiki healing, and became a reiki master to offer these findings and healing to others. Within five years she would teach 140 other students to become their own healers. I used visualization techniques mixed with daily affirmation and healing sessions to manifest murals as a new form of offering to the world. Within 3 years from the accident, I had pained over 30 murals across the united states. 

          One day in meditation I was given a gift that would again ask me to begin a new ladder of my life. It was an ice cube, symbolizing that everything changes, and the second a guitar pick. The thing I had been most afraid to share with music. With a two feet first, no back up plan approach I  trusted and had faith that again everything I needed would be provided as I needed it on my grand mission of bringing unity to myself even deeper and thus all who cross my path. I am now recording third album IllumiNations and have played for large audiences, festivals and reiki workshops alike. I love to incorporate freestyles into my sets and play like nobodies watching. I perform both with a band and live loop multiple instruments as the band. My stage name is Stella Lumina, or illuminated star, which represents the activated healer within us all. I have decided to help others manifest their dreams just as I was blessed with help along my path in bringing my desires to life. my gifts are highly spoken of as I am a simple conduit of divine love and healing instead of an all powerful mystic. 

I look forward to the future as this more beautiful world had begun its immanent decent into the realities of us all here on Earth.

Sending Blessings & Blessings your way!



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