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Here's a space that maybe you can help me ground into reality. These are divine inspirations in need of funding to manifest.

~ IllumiNations Album ​~

by Stella Lumina 


My second album out of a Trilogy Album. 

This album will be composed of songs that have come through me to help the world heal, come together and express myself. 

It will be 11 songs, recorded and produced with 11 different musicians on it. A true community effort. 

my goal for this is to raise $4,444

to truly capture the vision


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~ Road Trip to Nowhere ~

The Documentary

A documentary about bowing into servitude, letting the light use your gifts to create a more loving world. Where I would document the entire process of affirming, visualizing and praying in sacred ceremony for a successful journey of undercover blessing others as spirit guides me across the states. 

Then I have an inspiration to rig my van with hidden camera's and document the entire thing from start to finish. I would begin this journey with no expectations, and full commitment to staying in the present in order to make it happen. I have done this for three years across the united states and have had immense success, with light documentation. Yet I feel "Project Bless" would be such an inspirational documentary about letting go and fitting into the greater flow of things that I could begin a foundation that gives money to all the influential game changers on the planet doing incurable healing work that I meet and have met along my journey's. 

You would be accredited as a sponsor all throughout the process that is highlighted especially at the beginning and end of the documentary. 

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