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Are you ready to become your own healer?


             We all have the ability to heal ourselves. Reiki is the act of restoring equilibrium in your body by working with your emotional body. Releasing old doubts and traumas in a relaxing and rejuvinating way, will allow new energy to spark into your life. I love giving healing sessions to others and providing a deep sense of unplugging from the day to day routine, but I feel most called to activate this healing gift within others. This practice gave me control over my life right when I needed it most. Now to continue that blessing, I teach Reiki Attunments to retune your life to flow it's very best.  My goal is to create a mass wave of healers that can restore themselves to their wholeness. This act of standing up to lack and creating abundance within yourswelf. IS in my opinion how we do our part to create a more harmoneous and peaceful world. Instead of giving you a fish, if you are ready and feel called, I would like to help teach you to fish for a lifetime of fruitful inner prosperity and daily bliss.


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