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Welcome to H.Y.R.A

We all have the built in ability to heal ourselves. This all inclusive course will guide you to trust in yourself as a healer on all levels, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

This practice is truly universal and can be found in every religion and belief. It is the energy that flows through us all. When we focus on our internal world, we can clearly see what's tripping us up in life and how to shift it to reinstall the flow of your own health and creativity. They go hand in hand! As a healer you make an agreement to ground peace within yourself, and thus the rest of the planet. For like roots of a tree, we are all connected! 

Allow yourself the gift of deepening your love for yourself and this life through this practice. It will strengthen your faith, intuition and connection to divine intelligence. That infinite kingdom within lies dormant until this intuitive spiritual muscle gets flexed. So I walk with you, hand in hand, teaching you the in's and outs of this incredible holistic healing practice. Be able to give yourself peace, let go of old habits that no longer serve, and move on from the version of you that tell's "you can't". This is my biggest blessing I could ever pass along. Thank you for betting on yourself. Expand your life's light below!