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Conscious products: Discography
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Welcome to H.Y.R.A

We all have this built in innate ability to heal ourselves. This all inclusive course will guide you to trust in yourself as a healer on all levels, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

This practice is truly universal and can be found in every religion and belief, as is the energy that flows through us all. When we focus on our internal world, we can clearly see what's tripping us up in life and how to shift it to reinstate the flow of your own health and creativity. Reiki is the practice of becoming a bridge between mankind and the divine, grounding peace first within yourself and thus the rest of the world. They go hand in hand. Just as roots of a tree intertwine deeper than what the eye can see, we are all deeply connected in a profound way.

Allow yourself the gift of deepening your love for yourself and this life through this practice. It will strengthen your faith, intuition and connection to divine intelligence. That infinite kingdom within lies dormant until this intuitive spiritual muscle gets flexed. So I walk with you, hand in hand, teaching you the in's and outs of this incredible holistic healing practice. Becoming the source of your own peace. Learn to simply let go of old habits that no longer serve you, and move on from the version of you that says "you can't". This is my biggest blessing I could ever pass along. Thank you for betting on yourself. Expand your life's light below!

Reiki Testimonials 

Conscious products, books and tools to cross my path and shape my future.

An ever growing collection of things to help you blossom. Here are high vibrational soul aligned products to cross my path that I back 111%!
Here you may also find products or people that I believe in, and that will help the world be a more peaceful and harmoneous place with the growth of their following! I divulge my most transformational tools as well to ground this new world of love into the here and now as our Earth and we ascend into deeper heart scapes and connectivity. 

~ Affirmation Bank ~
choose those that resonate with you to ground them into your life's manifestations. Many of these can be featured in my song "I Stay Light". REMEMBER, speak them with innocent wonderment, childlike excitement and full hearted faith that all of these will plant seeds to then grown into fruits of your waking life.

Self Love:
~ I am loved as the Universe Is BIG... ever expanding & Infinite
~ I am both blessed and a blessing to all I meet 
~ the love that I have for myself radiates within me an all around me to everyone I meet. 

~ Money comes to me as easily as my breath.
~ I intend for the universe to bring me everything necessary for my heart's deepest desires as I need them. 


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~ I am Infinite Divine Creator Consciousness 

~ I am all that I am, connected to everything and separate from no one or no thing. 

~ I freely release all emotional attachment to other people's decisions, opinions and paths.

~I am blessed beyond this world's comprehension.

 ~ I intend to see, hear and speak only the truth.

~ I am as patient as an ascended master, and I embody kindness, caring, compassion and harmlessness. 



~ I do what I love first and trust with grace all will flow in divine alignment. 

~ I trust in the unseen, let go of all fear and walk through the door of my dreams.

~ Insert your dream here like it's already done. 


Books  of Expansion

The Book of Light ~ Alexandra Solnado 

A book for daily wisdom checking.

Angel Numbers 101 ~ Doreen Virtue

A book for daily application to interpret divine signs 

The Four Agreements ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

A book of simple concepts to live impeccably by 

The Magdalene Manuscript ~ Gary McAvoy

A book of Mary Magdelen's incredible time here on the earth and the sacred wisdom from Isis she has to share for all of us stepping deeper into nurturing love. 

The Sophia Code ~ Kaia Ra

A miraculous true story of a girl born into a military sex ring that breaks free, claims her divine sovereignty and introduces Sophia the Creatrix of all things as well as activates light codes within us from past ascended female masters. 

Anastasia ~ Vladimir Megre

An incredible story of an ascended master among us with lots to reveal about human potential 

The Law of One book & podcast

The Music Lesson ~ Victor Wooten

An incredible journey of Victors time with a musical guru named Michael. He teaches him the true livings of music. One of the most incredible books I have ever read. 


Alley & Me ~ Purandev Kaur

A Co collaboration between two sisters that I grew up with. However, Alley, a brilliant soul who passed away very early on, comes to her sister after her passing and their right this incredible book together.

Healing Tools  
Life Force academy ~ Kundalini Yoga
The teachings of Jai Dev on how to use breathwork and Kundalini Yoga to balance your energy body and expand your healing.  

Eco Greens ~ Reusable Cutlery/hygiene kit
A reusable set of personal eating utensils made ethically and with love 

Soma Wellness Blend Drink
Fortified with crystal filtered water wit CBD additives and functional mushrooms to promote well being. 

Fair Ridge Farm Kombucha
Adam Ashe, adds his organic produce to each bottle, with amazing flavors and a very subtle carbonation. Simply delicious. Insta: @fair_ridge_farm


Chintamani Alchemy
Founded by Polina Chintamani, handcrafted in Indonesia, Goia and India, and made organic materials to bring out the most in me. I shall tell you first hand, that I feel in my truest form wearing her goddess adornments and receive so many compliments on how these garments flow. You can see her dresses featured  in my music videos "Gaia My Fiah" and "The Path"

You can use "JORDAN10" at check out and get an additional 10% off!

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