Elemental Prayer Art

Elemental Prayer Art

Art based on the sacred geometry replicated on both small and large scales repeated throughout nature. 


The element of fluidity. This art is channeled from the higher realms to help you invoke new creative energies through the utilization of calling upon the water element.


The element of Earth. Use this element to ground yourself and gain new energetic support by calling upon the Earth element. 


The element of Fire. Transmute and transcend old energy to make room for new growth and moving on. This element is wondrous for invoking change into ones life. 


The element of Air. Invoke this element to create a gust of new energy to clear out old stagnant energy and simultaneously blow in new inspiration.


Print of original artworks are Copywrited to Jordan Serpentini, are standard 8 x11in card stock paper. Amazing for bringing spiritual truths to any room or space. 

  • In case of damadged arrivals

    In case of bending upon arrival, return to address for a new one to be shipped.