Surfboard Magica

Surfboard Magica

There is only one surf board like this on the entire face of the planet. Surf art done by professional skateboarder and advid surfer Jordan Serpentini. 


Art Description (from bottom to top) 

Flow art that transforms as you look from the bottom to top! It signifies the journey of life. From the bottom, a tidal wave controled by the cresent moon crashes over the bottom of the board. 

looking up, the moon turns into an angelic harp with an angel wing playing on its own. 

Going higher, a crack turns into a magical clif side that has a spiraling piano coming out of it. 

Scrolling up more, the sunset is acrtually a mandala made up of different symbols of light expanding outwards like sun rays. From this mandala sprouts a colorful aray of pheonixes that means inner freedom. 


This board is RARE. It's and ECS FF2 Bamboo & carbon fiber 5 fin surfboard. 

I bought it brand new and it has only ever touched the ocean one. Its is in excellent condition. it DOES come with 4 new carbon fiber fins not pictured. 

It is in mint condition, at 6' long 191/4'wide 2 7/16' thick. 


Only one availalble! 

  • Return Policy

    money back guarenteed if and only if it is damaged during shipping. The board has very minor usage signs as it was only used once. These can be seen in the E slightly on the bottom of the board. 



Internationally Traveling 


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@2018 Jordan Serpentini