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Beautiful Happenings

To me, beautiful happenings begin to take place in your life when you begin to realize and acknowledge the beauty that is already all around you. Whether noticing something large with lots of beauty or small that is normally overlooked matters not, just seeing it for what it is makes up 90% of the eye opening mentality!

Beautiful happenings have been happening to me the strongest they ever have in the last two years. It is no surprise that the last two years also accommodate the two biggest years of growth in my purpose here and what it is to be living in this human experience. These time of self reflection showed so much; A lack of self love, a fear of missing out on a path of life If I focused only on one of my many creative talents, and an awakening reason of what my template is as Jordan, or in other words why the heck I am really here!

My purpose is simply. This life is simple. This life is best appreciated with the correct viewpoint and intention.

I intend to enjoy life.

I am here to be an example of fluidity.

I am inspiring and awakening others to their life’s purpose.

As a creator of this universe it is up to ME how I would like to fulfill the above simplicities! “Ask and you shall receive” okay done, if you guys are going to give me all that I ask for up their in the higher realms as long as it is for the highest good of mankind then MAN am I going to ask away and not feel guilty about doing so!

So here it is Universe. Let me tell you what I deserve to be, and you can bring it to me in beautiful fulfilling and creative ways that I couldn’t even dream up myself!

I am spreading love & Light all over the world bring us one step closer to world peace with each step I take! I am a most humble best selling musician and published author working to spread creativity through beautiful and fulfilling opportunities that radiate positivity!

This is the MOVIE of YOUR life. You write the script and the universe creates the people, and settings that it will take place! Take responsibility for the life you have by taking control of the thoughts you think! You only have to pull out weeds and plant the flowers in the garden of your mind one time, water them for a few weeks every day through repetition of affirmations. And you can have a fruitful harvest for the rest of your time on Earth!

Do it with me people, what kind of life would you like to create?!

My next scene of the movie of Jordan takes place on the road! A fully heart guided journey of music and art that makes a beautiful healing difference to all who see it! The shirts are in, the stage is set and we will begin ROLLING in only a few days on June 11th! T-shirts ✔️ cd’s ✔️ positivity ✔️ follow along the tour with me on here! I’ll be blogging every two days or so!

P.S.S. new video is being dropped tomorrow!

With love and Light always,

The Universe through Jordan

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