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Winter Solstice, Kundalini Yoga, Breath Work Turns Breath Taking

It has taken me a few days to even gather what it is I’m feeling after diving deep into a virtual Kundalini Yoga retreat with Kalidoscoplogy’s Shiva and Parvati guiding us through it all.

I feel an immense amount of deep deep gratitude for the sense of tribe I felt and support I felt going into such an expanding practice. Life’s deepest most profound answers really is within the breath.

Kundalini Yoga tested me on ever level, took me past my limits and helped me realize things I feel therapy never could. These profound transformations I speak of were locked deep within my physical body, as inflexibility. I found it absolutely fascinating how intertwined my physical body and emotional body are. The entire practice of Kundalini Yoga is hard work based out of your core, and activating the life force energy within and around your body to create change. Releasing stagnant energy and bringing upon tears of understandings and realizations that were once buried within my subconscious. When I would have a big release after breath of fire activations, I would cry from sheer gratitude.

As a professional skater and life time body neglecter who’s been dealing with locked hips for the majority of my life, I didn’t realize that all of that was actually stuck emotions within my hips. Diving into those areas were the key to even greater forthcoming of knowing myself and releasing those stuck emotional patterns. The love I had been seeking has been so very close to me this whole time. Infect I can’t ever separated from creators love even if I tried. That was the most liberating and fun filled experience I had ever had. I was able to bend a complete 180 degrees with my head touching my Matt! Something I have not successfully been able to do since I was a kid! In truth, I've had a lot of anger towards men this lifetime round. Your left hip signifies divine feminine energy and your right divine masculine. It makes so much sense why my right hip was always so tight! I was able to breathe deep into that right hip like I never had before, especially since I dislocated my hip a few years back. I felt tears of joy as I had a most amazing visual come to me.

A crystalline palace showed itself within my minds eye. I knew that by climbing it's stair case meant stepping deeper into service for the world, activating more of my hearts gifts and my divine blueprint and letting parts of me that no longer served me behind. I began to bend forward past the point I normally would be able to with that hip. Simultaneously, I was raising up the courage as I visualized myself taking steps into this grand crystaline palace. Submerged in tears I saw a large seive like in Harry Potter. I knew looking into it would mean divine in, and fully merging with my oversoul as I created my heaven on earth. Scared yet supported, I bent even more forward, symbolically into service and physically into the reuninon of my divine masculine. With a huge flash of purple and green light in my minds eye I began to cry histarically in joy to be able to forgive the divine masculine in full, and step into a truer version of myself than ever before!

I felt so guided by Parvati and Shiva. It was like they new what to say even over virtual realm to help me not give up during these physically testing Yoga chants and exercises. I realized that mantras we repeat in our minds create our lives. We can repeat mantras of depression or anxiety or plant a seed in our mind to instead chant mantras of success and divine fortitude. The entire experience was next level.

Leveling up starts with letting go, facing yourself and letting more love in than you had known before. I highly recommend this practice for anyone looking make grand shifts in their life. Thank you both for being such a fundamental part of my healing journey 💟 so looking forward to your next offerings !!

Warmest discoveries,

The Universe through Jordan

Here is a link to their awesomeness!

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