Jordan Serpentini aka Stella Lumina

Chaos is nothing but accelerated growth

Welcome to all of my love! If you have found me and my website, it is not by coincidence, but rather an intention for my music, art, words and writing to be affluent and divine intervention to create a more unified world. I love to play meaningful music, paint unifying art and teach others how to heal our crazy go go go minds. 


I live to create and inspire. I believe that creativity serves as a bridge to tap into the truest versions of ourselves.  So find your strength here, follow what you feel called to and act on it. Let's heal together, regain your power, and state your course to manifest a more beautiful world our hearts know can be if we all hop on the same page. Always remember your worth anything your heart can dream up! After all, your dreams wouldn't have been given to you if they weren't going to come true. They are given to you because they are your blueprint to offer to the world! I look forward to serving you and applaud you on becoming the truest version of yourself. Look out for my Heal Yourself Reiki Academy that is being launched soon! I teach the in's and outs of reiki healing and its incredible transformative power for all to tap into. 

 I love you,