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The Reason

The reason why I was brought here of all places...Vietnam, Cambodia, and Vietnam again after. All had a very big reason and purpose, and I was soon to find out. I had been putting out askfirmations ( questions that used words like “I wonder” that holds so much innocents that the universe ALWAYS brings you back the answer in different ways!) to figure out what exactly it was that brought me here. The god of my heart was very cryptic when I asked at first, meaning It was up to my gut feeling when the experience was happening that would provide me with the insight I needed at the exact moment I would need it.

However, it was the things that left me most outraged and sad about that would become the reason I was brought there. Often times it’s hardest things to hear that need to most prayers. Pay attention to this in your own life do you know how to help accordingly! When I first arrived in Vietnam, due to my love of mother Gaia (the spirit of Earth herself), I found myself picking up loads of trash on the ground everywhere. The problem was I could spend the next 10 years picking up all of the trash that was dispersed around Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon) City. The blatant disrespect was invoking feelings that were less than the highest mentality of acceptance that I strive to maintain, leaving me at a standstill on how I should feel. On top of it the other things I witnessed also invoked different internal battles that were hard to bear sight to. Such as seeing all of the military personnel around the city taking active watch with huge machine guns and riffles always close by. The first few days I continued to make the physical difference I could do spite my internal feelings of despair. My methodology in living still resonated the same. Every moment had more importance if anything. Each moment exchanged with another human here was an opportunity to inspire and share good vibes that could create a beautiful domino effect and that didn’t change! That still meant that everyone deserved a smile, a deep bow and my attempt to speak Vietnamese. For me this was fulfilling regardless of their response. For it also disbanded stigmas against Americans. I was slowly rewriting the feelings between he two countries one interaction at a time! One other thing I noticed within the difference in cultures was the self care of the human body. The food culture eats better Indefinitely in terms of lots of rice, vegetables and healthy soups, but they serve a completely different work schedule. In a communist country, you are a part of a collective, and the work ethic here is very unbalanced in comparison. Not that Americans have the best, for I think we could use longer lunch breaks and less stress as well. Yet here they work ungodly amounts of hours. From 7am to 8pm it seems like every day. They are very spiritual yet they don’t always take time to themselves to truly slow down. They just sleep to slow down it seems to me and repeat it tomorrow. People here work 7 days a week like this and seldomly take days off. This work ethic serves them in great success if they move elsewhere in the world, but they're not in harmony themselves is the issue at hand. They were never programmed to have self respect o their truest degree or self care, so how do we go about adding something into their lives that seems to be purposefully left out? I will say that the land has so many beautiful flowers integrated into the city. This was my solace! I made sure to stop and smell all that I could! It turns out my energy was guided to Vietnam because the land was in high need of prayer, meditation, healing for the land and the people. So I sat down with my daily divine guidance journal and flipped to the nearest empty page. I sat with the intention to channel a prayer that would fix all the hardship I was seeing or at least begin the process. I called upon the help of archangel Gabrielle because she is the messenger and always has the perfect most eloquent words. What came out was pure all encompassing magic. “Dear lord, I call upon you in a great time of need. Please bless this land with for the highest good for the world. Heal the heavy hearts of all those still confused and traumatized by the war against the U.S. lift up their souls and spirits as they and the land ascend into the new world together. Let all living here and traveling here treat mother Gaia with the highest respect and teach then step by step how to do this. Keep tight the thought of forgiveness, healing and unity in the minds of all here as they step into self respect, and their sacred heart spaces.” And so it is, and so it is, and so it is I was instructed to say this prayer 3 times a day for 2 weeks. See one of the biggest misconceptions about life is people thinking they need to have this or that, or X amount of dollar signs to make a big difference in the world. You don’t. You ARE the biggest difference you could make in this world, for once you wake up and see through the materialistic illusion of what life is, you can find your truest strength and inner power. Just by treating everyone as an extension of yourself (or other leaves on a tree opposite your leaf, and are all connected to the same tree type-of thinking) and knowing that your prayer makes a HUGE difference In the energetic world beyond the physical world, is a massive shift in how the world is run. All of this sudden you are empowered, enlightened and free to go about helping the world in any way that you could ponder up with simple words, a pure intent and repetition!

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