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WHO are YOU magical being

How blessed are we all to be here now, in body, on Earth right this moment. We have a shot, a true opportunity to create anything we want out of this life.

Our thoughts become the things we experience. It’s as simple as that. You are not where you came from, you are not what your family says you are. You are what you decide to be right in this very moment. Each moment possesses the same magnitude to shift everything for the best if you will it to fruition. So the true test is how beautiful of a world you could possibly imagine for yourself, and holding yourself in a space of deserving it until it comes!

It’s truly a difficult thing to make the decision to embody the dream you want to live, and hold it in your heart as if you have it. That goes against so much of what we’re told is possible, and what we deserve or are worth. Doubt will creep in, and the old you will seem so much easier to go back to instead of fighting to change your thoughts to more positive thoughts, and thus your life to a more positive life. It’s easier to just accept what we know. Find contentment in settling for where your at.

However, I have something to tell you all. That feeling inside that desires something deeper will never go away until it’s followed. You can’t buy it, because it’s not outside of you. It’s not a destination or a tropical place because the truth is your body is the vehicle of change.

We seek to control others, when we have no inner control.

We seek to change things around us, when we are really in need of change within.

We seek to blame things for our bad luck, instead of owning our true might as creators of our own realities.

All of these things above are indicating that you are in need of gaining inner control of your consciousness. External change in your life begins within you! Blaming others will never be valid, because you create every aspect of your reality. Be real with yourself, is there any thoughts you automatically go to that make you feel not the best about yourself or someone else? To think it is to literally create more of it. So in your minds garden, plant only what you wish to eat. Talk shit, get shit. Sing love, get love.

This life is YOURS with only the limit you set for yourself! You came here to go BIG! So send it. You we born worthy of all the full hearted-ness in the world!

I so love you. I SO believe in you! Write down your dreams. Give yourself 5 minutes a day to visualize yourself smiling living your dreams! Start the day with gratitude for who you are, all you DO have and what you look like. I’m so proud of every molecule of you and all that you’ve already overcame in your life! As certain as snow bringing cold weather, I know you are already creating your life this very moment. Take a few moments to get intentional with life, what do you intend to do? Intentions give your life direction. Speak it, better yet YELL IT WITH JOY!! It’s yours. Anything really can be. I can’t do it for you though. But each day I send good vibes to you to help make it happen. Your not alone, and you never have been.

In a time of chaos, I am calling you to question everything. For chaos is simply a means of accelerated growth. Journing outside of your comfort zone shall always bring about a more expanded version of yourself. Sometimes life gives us the ultimate blessings of Unity through what seems like dismay. So see the truth, go deep inside and take a moment to ask "What do you feel about this heart". THAT is your inner truth detector. In a time where we are intentionally over fed both sides of the story to confuse us, look deeper to see a third side of untold growth and leveling up. That means instead of OH THIS IS SO GOOD, OR OH THIS IS SO BAD, go deeper than categorizing polarities and really ask I wonder why this is truly happening. Your compass awaits your swift return to the path of least resistance.

With gratitude in my heart to know you,

The universe through Jordan

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