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The Kiss of an Angel

A boy that spoke no words, an event that was over in a matter of seconds, an experience that was as simple as walking past me down the aisle of an airplane to get to a seat would FOREVER change my entire being. As well as bring tears to my eyes whenever I think of it. I have been so blessed, blessed is such a trivial word to how grand I feel right now! 24D was my seat on my way home from Vietnam, flying from Seoul to Detroit. As everyone began to board the plane, a most beautiful exchange occurred that will easily be remembered as one of the most touching moments of my life as Jordan! As I sit without expectation, the most innocent little soul moved down the isle as he slowly descovered this new foreign environment and new world!

Huge brown eyes adorned his adorable round little face as our eyes locked about five feet away. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot as he approached me and was now standing side by side me as I give a huge smile. I was sending as much etheric love as my being was humanly capable of as I mirror his pure excitement of the moment. He would not continue down the isle as he was locked in a soul contract with me, like there was something he just had to do with me before he could even begin further down the isle. A line of people began to build behind him but it mattered not to us.

His dad spoke Chinese to him urging him to do something along the lines of “keep going, or do what you must and then continue on” if I had to guess. Our eyes never broke the gaze as puts his hands on my isle side arm rest as he begins to slowly get closer to me. I silently get closer to him as well unsure of what we are about to do. Right before we were very close to each other ,my head turned sideways, as if it was guided by the angelic realm to do so because I have no recollection of telling it to do that. With lips as soft as an angel, he kissed my cheek. This boy had no idea who I was, he just felt compelled to change my entire life with his blessing. He then continued down the isle, yet my smile would still gleam brighter than a lighthouse then hours later on the same flight! Minutes after, I immediately burst out in tears as i channeled a message from my heart about what just happened.

“ the little boy saw the light in your heart and blessed you for all that you are!!”

The fruits of this self creating life just continue to get sweeter and more abundant as each waking moment goes by!

However, after reflecting on this moment weeks later, I feel that all of this happened for something much more deep than his blessing. I feel, deep in my bones that he was to soften my heart to the idea of having my own little one. An idea that I had affirmed over and over that I never wanted to happen. I was always so against having my own little creator of the galaxy, but if I am to truly be in my purest heart, I know deep down that I must learn the love that only a mother could have by creating life within her. One day I would love to be a mother of the world. Maybe Gavin one of my own, and maybe some from other countries. For now I do not seek this, but I am open hearted to it when life presents me with this light.

with love and light,

Jordan Serpentini

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