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Speaking Your Truth

If not you who? You are your souls only chance to heal what you are to help the world with. You have a contract all your own that you signed up to complete before you incarnated on Earth. A most rigorous training ground for souls with many distractions, yet infinite possibilities of goodness. We are filled with both darkness and light. We must experience and embody darkness before we can completely embody the true light that we are! The darker you get, the lighter you can be and the bigger impact you can make on this world to help restore its peace! So if you find yourself in a terribly low spot..... than woaaahhhhh look at you and all the potential you have to shine! You are to be absolute brilliance and clarity for others! Once we overcome our darkness, make peace with it as a part of us but not letting it dictate who we are now, then we can be that same blessing for others who need our help and we’re stuck like we once were! Only you have your purpose and can therefore be fulfilled by no one else! Life is what YOU make it. Each words you speak, thought you think and action you make is translated directly into an energetic vibration that you put out to the galaxy. So make each moment count! Take control and change perspective NOW of who you are! Instead of being a VICTIM see yourself as a CREATOR of your own reality! Make absolute sure that each thought your letting out is what you want your life to be! YOUR the author, so speak the chapters you want heard! It takes a degree of insanity to speak as if you have something you want when your surroundings don’t quite reflect it! However with pure intentions for a better life, and daily watering of new positive seeds(thoughts or positive affirmations about yourself) then these things that you want to be will become you!!

You have the POWER, you have the STRENGTH, you have the LOVE! You have all that you need inside you as a beautiful part of the creators perfect creation. That means the creator is a part of you. The divine part of you that can help you if you ask for it! All you need to do is build the life you desire as if you already have it!! Speak your truth, and begin your healing! Your path has been waiting for you to complete it! Bless us all with your brightest most brilliant you that you came here to be! I love you for all that you are. A beautiful life begins with love for yourself. Tell yourself daily how much you love yourself, tell your body how grateful you are to have it and how well it is doing each day. Plant seeds of love ALL around you, including within you and watch your life transform from a field of weeds with no purpose to a field of the worlds most beautiful flowers, admired by many, loved by all and gifting immense beauty to all who see it! I believe in YOU. Your soul wouldn’t be on earth if you couldn’t do it! I fact your here because you CAN do it. Until next time, Love and Light, The universe through Jordan

p.s. the image of this post is a very special divine rose! Set it as your phone lock screen and begin plantings seeds of big reminders of all that you are everywhere! Make it the first thing you see when you wake up, and the last thing you see before you go to sleep. Start to program yourself for love as your soul is just waiting for your permission to open the flood gates of divine help and guidance! When one shines, we all begin to shine!

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