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Flying Your Highest

How high can a human fly?

The answer... As high as you allow yourself to. In order to be all that you are, you must first believe you are ALL that you are. In the world of ever evolving energy that we live in, you are connected to it all, and I’m not talkin WiFi connected. I’m talking spiritually intertwined with all of creation. You my dear are the lava on mars, your the rings around saturn and literally composed of the same matter as that of the stars. So why should we shine any less than they? All that we can be is subject to your free will and free choice, a right all of us humans have. You can choose to be as little as you’d like, or as big and bright as you are! Whatever you decide, you can change in a split moment. You just intend you life to be different. In a low spot of your life... lemme hear you shout I INTEND TO ENJOY LIFE!!... in absolute chaos, I INTEND PEACE AND HARMONY TO FILL MY LIFE each and every moment! But an idea is only that if it is not watered and given daily strength. Much like a child cannot know love unless it is given love, which works best with constant reinforcement. Reinforce yourself with all you desire to be. This takes an element of absolute determination to make your reality different than it is! But when everyone else has given up their dream, you can know yours is surely on its way as long as you act like you’ve already got it! Fake it UNTIL YOU ARE IT!

(This oil painting is available for sale in the shop of this website, but for the first time prints are available now too for a few dollars! Its inspiration is to remind you that you have all the divine might already within you to fly though any tough winds and life lessons thrown your way!)

For me, I have already obtained many dreams I set out to as a kid. My dreams now seem to evolve with my consciousness. The higher I raise my consciousness and energetic vibration, the more far-out my dreams get, but ironically the more achievable I know they are! As a kid I wanted to be a professional female skateboarder. I self proclaimed myself pro at age 17, and actually embodied it with my first pro model at age 21! I’m 24 now and have two pro models! I wanted to speak at least five languages as a kid. I speak 2 fluently but can keep up a conversation in about 10 different ones that I never imagined! Like Swahili for instance... WHAT. I most definitely didn’t see that one coming. My dreams now are to spread love and Light all over the world, embodying peace, empowering

others to ignite their soul and inspire their own self journey within. Well guess what, I scream it everyday as if it’s already done and I dont care who hears me! Infact, the more that hear me the better, for I am planting seeds of light and divinity by creating my reality and taking responsiblity for my words, thoughts and actions! In fact, just in the last few months I have recorded a musical album and set out on a most magical tour you can read about under the music section above! I’m doing it! It’s already done!

Next, to paint the sky with light, and to fly around the universe with effortless grace and an invisible floating skateboard for aerial tricks... hey somethings never change! The inspiration for this post was a rogue bird that flew into my bedroom through the window, let me pick it up and release it back to flight. The message I channeled from my heart was this message, when I asked why it happened

“To give you eternal confidence that you too can fly with proper guidance ❤️❤️❤️” Fly high my friends with unconditional love and Light, The universe through Jordan

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