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TOURing Reality

Things are falling into place. I am taking the path of least resistance. I know it’s right because all of the things that are necessary for the fulfillment of my dreams are being brought to me. For instance, I finished up all of my musical concerts I had planned before my tour that begins on June 11th. However I put out to the universe an askfirmation. I spoke into existence “ I wonder what surprise shows and venues I’ll end up playing before my tour”. My answer came about five days later in the vibrant, and beautiful form of Coffee Talks with VMC’ one and only Vanessa Michelle. I ran into her at Summit Art Space while meeting up with the profoundly talented Ace Epps master producer (for my album) of good vibes in Akron. She said she was just talking to someone about me. This person was putting on a Self Love Expo and Vanessa basically got me the gig to play at the event! She said in such an ecstatic tone “ watch, I’m gonna run into Jordan, tell her about the expo and she’s gonna say ‘WOAH I was just looking for someone else to play before I left for the tour’”. Well Vanessa YOUR RIGHT I WAS, and you know me so well! Thank you for being the answer to my question to the universe! Now it’s your turn, put out whatever you’ve been wondering about! “I wonder....” then after that be on the lookout for the answer. May be a few months, may be a week, may be a day and the answer will come and you will have a beautiful knowing. Congratulations, you successfully co created with the universe! June 9h will be my last show before I leave on tour! Ill bring the guitars you bring your natural wonderful self!

Love and Light, The Universe through Jordan

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