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The First Stop of the Music & Murals tour is....

And so it beings! I set forth, heart first and hands behind my back as I tour America! Spreading music, art and love everywhere I go! Staying fluid to all of the wonderful opportunities this summer Long tour will bring me! My first stop..... THE SUMMER SOLSTICE AT SERPENT MOUND! Serpent mound is a very magical and mystical place, a wonder of how this place came to be has perplexed mankind since its discovery! It lies abouve a bed of crystals, which makes this such a beautiful energy that you can feel just by standing upon it! Much like places in Hawaii that have maintained their origional untouched vibrancy.

his Serpentini has been guided in obvious ways as always. Divinely this week when someone asked me if I was going to this festival, I said not only do I feel like I am going, I feel like that is my first stop of the tour! So I reached out to those in charge and divinely there was a slot left for me on Sunday! I perform on Sunday at exactly 12 noon! I have a strong feeling that this will be the pivotal connection making point that will set up the rest of my tour! Ahh the excitement is encompassing my entire being! With all the love in the world, thank you Family and friends for keeping up with my Journey! With love and light always,

The Universe through Jordan

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