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Egoless Conversations

After the Serpent mound stop my tour continued to where I was called next. I was called to a fellow Reiki practitioners house near Columbus Ohio! She does magical work giving healing facelifts. You heard me right, LIGHT LIFTS. Where she focuses healing on wrinkled areas of the face, releases the trauma that caused that wrinkle and presto, you have visible younger looking skin and a healthier functioning soul. The most important part is the full body emotional healing you receive from her work, the visual younger looking affect is just the cherry on top of the cake. Check out her amazing work and photo gallery of past clientele at !

Once I arrived I was immediately welcomed with hospitality and kindred spirits! I put our to the universe that I INTEND TO BE FULLY SUPPORTED BY THE UNIVERSE IN ALL POSITIVE WAYS WITH EVERYTHING I NEED” and I WAS! But actually she was a huge answer to my prayers that I didn’t see coming! To my surprise she offered me a past life regression mediation where I was taken to cloud 9. I sat and lightly swayed on a circular swing that really helped me step out of reality and into one of the deepest medications I have ever entered! What happens next was beyond wild..... I was guided by Karen’s voice every step of the way, taken to the most relavent place that my higher self wanted to show me. I was actually taken into the future. I saw myself giving a huge presentation to a massive auditorium of what seemed to be a highshool but in a college size classroom setting. It was part of message I was going around and spreading to youths about Living Your Truth 🔥 about taking the road less traveled in life, and trusting your intuition that will guide you into your true let life purpose! I was ecstatic with joy! But the oddest part was that I couldn’t physically show it too easily in this meditative state. Karen asked me who she was speaking to. My responses had become very robotic, as if my ego was fully not present, and me (my subconscious) was an audience member watching the interview between Karen and my higher self, yet I was not truly present. Who was present and responding with the most eloquently spoken word was my higher self. She called herself Highlandia. Highlandia had many other things she wanted to show me while I was in this state. All that she answered were questions I had been praying for and asking to receive guidance about for months! Like what my purpose clearly was, what my outlets to bring this purpose to life were, and so many other beautiful disclosures! One of the most profound things I loved to be a whiteness to was when she showed me the far future. I hopped back on this cloud as Karen verbally guided me, and sailed far into the future of Earth, who is then known as Gaia. I put my feet on the ground and felt lush grass, and a connectivity that was a blast of energy that surged through my body. I saw the most beautiful scenes of a peaceful Earth! I stood at the foot hill of a massive waterfall that misted much like Niagara Falls has felt like, with rainbows vibrantly gleaming from this mist. Their were other worldly creatures that were peaceful and only loved. Exactly at that time Karen’s dog Chloe brushed up against my feet which was all to perfectly planned with the visual, for an animal in my vision had came up to do the same and show love! This was a wild animal in the visual that had a friendly and compassionate feel, so much in fact that it felt comfortable to show me love. The visual also was filled with trees and flowers that did not yet exist, color combinations that seemed extra terrestrial or something out of the movie Avatar! I was blissed out of my mind to see the world in such a good shape. Highlandia was directly talking to me telling me that I had been shown this image to visualize it, and therefor ground it’s energy into existence so that Earth will embody this beautiful reality faster! So if you want to save the world you can do the same just by taking a few minutes to visualize it too!

Also, funny enough my higher self did mention something about my driving. She absolutely put an end to instagramming while I drive, or doing more than one distraction at a time while I drive. So I can play music, but I cannot do more than that at once. Putting my foot out the window is fine but doing anything more is a no go. I have been driving since I was 13, so at this point I just got so comfortable, that it makes sense it was time to get my add humbled about it. Right after I got out of the Meditation I saw this picture on her TV! She pointed out and said “look! The spirits are giving you a sign and supporting your journey”! The picture had prayer flags (like the ones in my van) and an incredible monastic looking kingdom!

Karen has blessed me even further and gave me the address to her RV she has at a private camp ground year round! To restore my energy levels I stayed there a few days in nature to rekindle my energy. I made a most beautiful Lilly tea with an old soul sister from many tribal lives. Her name is Swande, and she too is a reiki master! My most fond experience with her was drinking the Lilly tea while hopping into a river mid downpour of rain. It was so releasing and cleansing for my aura and spirit!

I hit the road again in a few days! I am guided to Cincinnati to open a healer up to level one Reiki and get this concert there going full swing!

With eternal love and light,

The universe through Jordan

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