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He Said Yes!

From the very first step of my tour I have been guided to such beautiful and accepting people. The people that see oneness in everything, say yes to fluidity and are OK when things go a different way than they originally planned. On my way to the Serpent mound summer solstice festival I mentioned that I was to look out for someone from CINCINNATI for it had my next steps to the tour! My life has been an epically large scavenger hunt you could say. With my intuition as the muscle of success, I dive forward into my gut feelings and omit logic from the equation. I mentioned in a previous post that I was guided right to Cyndy and Mike Murray. They are reiki healers that were helping me set up a concert in Cincinnati.

After Columbus the next stop was at their house! It was littered with crystals! Huge ones, small ones, rare ones alike! I even saw baby fawns in their back yard for the first time in my life! Mike had not yet been able to put a concert together for me due to back issues that left him recovering most of the days since I’ve seen him last. This is why I felt so called to open him up to reiki, so he could heal himself long after I was gone. I gave him a level one reiki attunment and saw instant relief in his back and discomfort! Happy I could heal him so I wasn’t upset about the concert plans changing.

HOWEVER I still felt like I had some unfinished bidness here I Cinci. So upon a meditation that night, I was gifted with artistic insight. I saw painting. Here in Cincinnati I was to paint somewhere! Now the question next was WHERE? After another Meditation the next morning, where I specifically intended that the Meditation reveal to me more details on where to start in this massive foreign city to me. I received the guidance that I was to start in places FULL of love. Spiritual centers, vegan restaurants, all these places where love is abundant and they would be open hearted to support my journey! I looked up and found one spiritual center in the Cincinnati area and get this... it was on Murray road! The same last name of Mike and Cyndy. Good omen I think YES. So I went there, and found no one at first. Walking into the main assembly room, the alter had a huge back wall that had two smaller angled walls on either side of it, I though “that wall needs a mural, it looks way to plain!”. There was only one person there once I began to look around. It was Reverend D, who not by coincidence runs everything! I informed him of the mission I am on to spread light and love through my music and art. He loved my spirit and was open to divine synchronicity for he shared the same opinion of the wall when he saw a recent picture of himself in front of it! He said that I could paint him up some designs and I could start as soon as possible! Waiting for his response, I hopped in my car not knowing where I was going. The slashed of the coping from a skateboard echoed in my mind and all of this sudden I was on the search for a skatepark! There was a MAGICAL park/pump track only 15 minutes away! I was in a dress but hey the day was hot and the park was empty so you know I didn’t care, it was time to shred!

He loved my third design, which embodies all that we are in relation to being a part of this all encompassing creation! The painting depicts a sunset over water where the dramatic sky fading from yellow to orange to pink make up the base of a divine goddess. She wears her heart in the open and has golden wings and a halo that embody the divine feminine. Thrilled with all of it, I went to bed fulfilled and stoked that I got to have such a magical day packed with the things I love. Blessing someone with the gift of healing, being in the right place at the right time to find this mural in such a divinely guided way, and skateboarding! How could life get any better?! With light & love, The Universe through Jordan

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