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I receive

All that I desire to share with the world, all that I want to give and see happen must follow the rules of the universe. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, as we all know. Yes we all know this but do we all truly understand it? In order to get ALL that I have asked for from the universe I cannot only give. I must equally receive. I will just give and give. It is in my nature, and sometimes I would give so much that I would lose myself or I wouldn’t be entirely sound before I would give. Recently I have discovered that I cannot help others unless I helped myself first. I could not share love unless I loved myself unconditionally first. I cannot heal unless I am fully healed first. This is a “selfish” example of where we MUST come first. My lesson was to balance! I came in as a Libra so this has always been pretty obvious to me. For my dreams to come true I must receive. For my music to be all over the world I must receive the songs of divine healing in which I must share. For myself to be a published spiritual author, I must receive inspiration for writings as it wishes to come through in order to fulfill my dreams. For me to praise others as the true beings of light and love I must be able to accept praise myself.

SPEAKING OF I found a place of marvelous inspiration by the river in Cincinnati! This song flowed right out for all to learn from including myself! I am absolutely HUMBLED to be a faucet for things of great beauty and healing to come through me. SO blessed that I stay humble, grateful and sincere in all moments.

I must be able to equally receive all of the love that I give. I must receive some sort of equal trade for the work I give. The universe wants to bless me with different things, and for a long time I didn’t realize I was blocking these blessings by not accepting gifts and contributions for my work. I figured the universe would always give back to me in some way shape or form but I had the epiphany that I was blocking all the ways the universe was trying to hook me up! So now I dedicate myself to balance. I have asked for true balance and now my mission is to accept presents as they are offered. Know my worth as a healer, musician, artist and all over creationist. No one can do it like you, the way you do it is invaluable because only YOU can do it that way. Society has often taught us to be overly hard on us, which has had the outcome of us often selling ourselves short. To combat this in an non violent but very affective way my path was introduced to these affirmations. The blessings of my holy work will benefit the many and I will profit from my gifts to others as they are presented. I am perfectly balanced in al ways spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally I receive as much as I give! And I came across this incredible meditation to help me! I listen to it almost everyday and MAN is it powerful! It’s an “ I receive” Meditation by Jennifer Grace. With Infinite love & light, The Universe through Jordan

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