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X Games Here We Come

Upon further Meditation, my next stop lead me to a very rad soul in my life. Miss Jenn Soto. A wickedly talented skateboarder with the potential to light up the world with all the positivity she spreads. The god of my heart was telling me that she could really benefit from learning reiki and getting attuned on her path. Not only does it protect you from those who negatively self project, it also helps you learn discernment between those who really have your highest good in mind or not. Simply said, hurt people hurt people. This is why we must love all and change the course of their pain into acceptance and self love. Trick tip of life, karma can be a bitch but it doesn’t have to be. Imagine if you only love....then karma will only bring back love. So keep your heart centered in that idea always and watch all of the giving you do get back to you in beautiful and mysterious ways! Anyways, back to J. She was at Woodward extreme sports came in PA! I haven’t been there for two years, back when I came for girls week! She was only gonna be there for one more day though until she left for the X games in Minneapolis! My heart was saying that instead of flying there Monday night she was supposed to go with me to learn Reiki and take a more relaxed and chilled corse to Minnesota. After pitching the idea she was down! So on a road trip we went! But first here’s some of the super hyped bowl sesh at the new cage skatepark at Woodward! I am in love!

From traffic jam music sessions to waterfall chilling, we had an awesome time filled with concepts of silly and serious simultaneously. When you get famous, there are more and more distractions and ways to stray from the path. So it’s imperative to those who came to help raise the vibration of the world and spread the good word, to stick to their path of light. This both fulfills our souls purpose and makes the world a brighter place when we do!

I was stoked that I did a new divine free flow song durning our slow rolling traffic session!

This life is nothing short of incredibe because I decided it was, believe it is, and live it u as such. What will you make life into?

With infinite lov3 & light always,

The universe through Jordan

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