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For the Love of Flow

For the Love of Flow To the X games we went!! Minneapolis was absolutely beautiful to explore, from the beautiful lakes to the huge range of murals and vegan food that it holds. All was truly in alignment with what I was there to do!

From what I was getting in a brief meditation as well as a sudden burst of knowing while driving in the van...I was there to rekindle relationships with many beautiful souls, spread the good word of reiki or universal life force energy healing, and talk to Torey. Mr. Torey Pudwell. He owns an absolutely rad Griptape company called Grizzley Griptape! I was to channel a new design for his Grizzly Bear on behalf of the divine!! Stoked to see what heavenly bear comes out 😍 As for the homies! I had not seen most of them in at least two years, and my skate fam was so refreshing to see again! All of the pros gathered from all around the world to throw down for the skate games. It was good fun. What happened I never expected. I was blessed to have an athlete lounge pass, where I met this guy Vj. Who was doing all of the massages for the athletes. During the second day we decided to do a healing trade, my reiki for his massage. Man did he hook my back up, I felt so much better!

After that he hopped on the table and I worked on him for about an hour. I remembered old reiki moves that I have never used before, old for my soul but new to magical. I grounded new energies in his body and cleared all of his other Chakras. He was so stoked that he decided to take time off for the rest of the day just simmering in his new energies. HE LITERALLY told me that the massage tent was basically mine for the rest of the day, and that I could heal anyone I felt called to. Soooo...I healed all my frans! From one pro to another! So wild how everyone was so down for the energy work! I felt really blessed to help others raise their good vibes and help them move past old traumas. That’s the kind of magical think reiki does, helps you let go of all that which is not for your highest good. But before that, I was able to go and take a break from it all and get some food. I straight up hear a “yo Torey” right behind me and knew that I was in the right place at the right time! So I explained the mission I was on to spread light and love all over America and bring healing to all that cross my path through healing music, reiki infused art, unifying murals and plain old one on one reiki healing sessions! I let him know that everything was heart guided and entirely intuition lead, where I planned absolutely nothing!

Stoked on what I was doing, he gave me the okay to design a grizzly bear and actually asked for some healing! Not by coincidence, he had just hurt is leg and was in a bummed mood because of it! So he hopped up on the healing table and I went to town releasing pent up energy in his leg. I worked in the right leg for about 40 minutes. After I did he asked if I was going to work on the other leg too, for that was the one that was hurt! I said of course! And he explained how he had just had surgery on his right knee. I let him know that my heart gave me the message that one huge reason that whole leg injury occurred was because it was a physical manifestation of self doubt! Surprised yet with great understanding, he peacefully let me continue. After the other leg and anther 40 minutes or so, he was done! He hopped off with a pair of fresh legs! Feeling stoked to feel relief he was believing in my path more than ever!

My guidance really came true right in front of me. I wonder what beautiful things this connection will bring, hopefully more healing to the skate community of awareness of the good I’m doing! From getting to skate with all of my lovely international skate friends, watching the vert contest as well as exploring Minnesota’s radness, I feel so content with the beaitiful ways my affirmation came to life. NOT TO MENTION at the air b n b Jenn picked to stay at, I found this name tag downstairs...the guy who owns it is an independent organizer of Ted X talks! Only reaffirming that one day I too shall give a Ted talk! What a beautiful place of absolute zen!

Daily I say “ I love all the beautiful and creative opportunities that the universe presents to me to fulfill my path in all positive ways. And hot damn did that manifest in the coolest ways ever, I got to see my old idols and reconnect with new professional athlete souls that are here to do the same as me! Say what? So Epic. Couldn’t make that stuff up even if I tried. With Infinite love and Light, The Universe through Jordan

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