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Angel among us

After the X games my heart already knew where to go next. A very special person to my heart named angel ironically gave me the push I needed while living in Hawaii to be fearless on my spiritual path.

When I asked my heart where to go next, I remembered that she told me of her living in Iowa. Without a second heart beat I turned on my vans engine and headed there. It was nothing short of supernatural harmony and zen, which always comes when in the realm of kindred spirits like myself!

We had a most incredible time catching up over the last 1.5 years of our absence! This time around I even had some to teach her, since before it was basically her blessing me with healthy living and wisdom. She thought me ALL about Ayurveda, the way of healthy living in India! It is the science of relating the body to the elements. Finding out YOUR specific blend of elements that your body is made up of. Some bigger people embody more earth element, some embody more fire and some smaller stature humans relate more to air and space element also known as the doshas. Don’t be fooled if societies opinions and judgements, we are all meant be look different and have different sizes and strengths!

What makes this way of healthy living so revolutionary is that it is figuring out YOUR body, and eating accordingly to be able to balance it into perfect alignment! Unlike western medicine which takes on more of a one-type-fits-all subscribe drugs and leave approach. I think there’s a time and space for western medicine completely, however most of the time what pills are subscribed only move around symptoms and don’t fix the actual imbalance within. When you fix external problems from the root internally FIRST, then the externals reflect that new found balance and health. Angel is a most incredible life coach! She helps with health, wellness and self realization. She is so gifted and intuitive and has really changed my life for the way way better! You can actually schedule a free one hour session with her and her wonderful business! Folllow her on instagram at @TheIslandAngel or email her directly at! Or better yet, visit her fb page at:

Id highly recommend it while she is doing this life changing service for free, because at the rate shes going she will become highly sought after very quickly!

Honoring The Sacred Self is a soul aligned business created for healing and empowerment. To share tools and offer support so that we may all be equipped with what we need to really Honor The Sacred Self, and show up every day as the absolute best version of ourselves that we can be. Which includes FEELING GREAT on a regular basis.

We took a seriously magical hike in a national forest there! We walked the river bed barefoot at the bottom of a ravine where it had been dried up. I felt the need to meditate and literally about one minute later was this perfect circle island of grass illuminated by the suns rays shinning through the trees! We knew that was the spot and began to sit down and connect to nature. Angel put her hand on my knee and I opened my eyes to s daddy long legs on her head!

She was enjoying the most unique sensation but it was intensely ticklish! She described it as microscopic fireworks of pleasure! This spider was in a mission and seemed to know exactly what it was doing! It went from her third eye to the back of her crown chakra or the back of the head, back to her third eye and down to her heart! I have to admit I am so happy to have seen her be so chill with this epic spider on her head first, because shortly after it came to me! I was such a magical experience where the spider was a friend not foe. That was a huge shift to make in my growth, instead of fearing nature to welcome it! It was whispering words of wisdom in my ear as I felt the softest vibrations while I really focused on the feeling this spider was creating by my ear!

After we finished the Meditation the spider came with me! He literally traveled with me for a good 15 minutes until he connects back to a tree I had my hand on. We were almost done with the hike when we stumbled upon the biggest mulberry tree we’ve ever seen! We picked all sorts of fresh berries provided by nature from milky berries to black berries and little apples! I ended up attuning her to be a reiki master! So she can give the beautiful gift of healing to whomever she feels inspired!

I am so blessed to have people put in my path to keep myself surrounded in nothing but good vibrations, truth and unconditional love!! What a journey!

With Infinite light & love,

The Universe through Jordan!

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