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Dessert Familia!

Where to next? Seems to be the reoccurring question in my path that I pose to my heart just about 10 times a day. I have gotten to the point where I hardy do anything without asking my heart first. A connection that was hidden so prominent as a kid, lost in anger and fear and then found fully again in my twenties! At first the connection was cloudy but with much dedication to making the journey from my head to my heart, I did it!! I know have a super clear and transparent connection to the god of my heart, which always has my highest good in mind! I hardly worry about anything anymore, I just give it to the divine and KNOW that they’ve got my back in every conceivable way and in each waking moment! They were just simply waiting for me to ask! However, on this journey my challenge is to stay in the present moment. I am not to think of the future for it doesn’t exist yet, and I’m not given the next steps of my tour until the time comes to leave! Yupp, this is definitely next level dedication to my path. Soooo who other than miss X games gold medalist Mariah Duran pops into my heart during my meditation on where to go next. Versed with an increase in fame, the universe is always trying to look out for the light houses out there, bringing rays of positivity to others in every situation. Making sure they stay strong, guided and are hooked up with all they need to get their own clarity no matter where their path takes them! So 11 hours later and I’m in the desserts of America for the first time in my life! I was passing through Clayton New Mexico and I was faced with a huge urge in my gut to go into this old western looking coffee house called Mock Crossroads Coffee. Wondering if they would even have non dairy alternatives for milk, I questioned why the universe would bring me there? Once inside I saw the crystal pendants for sale and knew it was my kind of place after all. Turns out, wouldn’t ya know it, that the lady who owns it just so happened to be looking for a muralist........this is just getting so easy, but wait it gets more rad. A lady named Georgia was sitting in the cafe and told me that I had to go to Hotel Ekland to tell them I’m available for music. Blessed that the event coordinator enjoyed my spirit as I played for her and put me on the roster to perform! I love love love being at the right place at the right time! It’s one of the most fulfilling things for me to know I didn’t miss any steps the divine laid out for me. Even in times of uncertainty I stay true to trusting that all has already been planned to a T in the heavens for me! I may not know shit, but man is it fun to play the kid role again in life. Embodying innocents to the fullest and just down for the ride!

The Ekland Hotel where I will be performing at below, and the barn where Mock's Coffee roasts their coffee with much love in the photo above!

The Ekland Hotel that I will be performing at!

I did make it to Mariah’s though and goodess gracious, such a soul sister to say the least. Our vibes are always full of stokedness and kindness but especially more when we’re together! Her and her whole family are so hospitable and giving to the Nth degree! She took me up to an incredibly rad hike to show me a new perspective of her city. White falls is a quick hike up to a beautiful view that used to flow water from the top of the mountain down. Now it’s bare rocks show proof of the water movement through carvings in the stone. We. Saw. The. Most. Epic. Views. To our left was this massive storm cloud hosting thunder bolts and spider web lightning strikes every few minutes. To our right was a bright pink sunset bursting through the dark storm clouds far off on the horizon. Together, paired with the stillness and silence of the mountain high was truly humbling.

We did a reiki session up there which was easily one of the most awesome settings to do this type of work as the energy from the untouched Earth is completely present with both clarity and wisdom. Meditations up there would bring the most profound answers to my life’s questions and this I’m sure of.

Now she has been attuned with the gift of healing as well for it is a big part of her path. We headed back to her house after to meet such lovely company like her dogs Ollie (I could not ollie over Ollie) who is straight up huge but a love bug none the less and her two other dogs that are as sweet as could be. I was blessed to try a frito pie, which consists of beans as a base, spicy ground red pepper sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and frittooosss for me. Haven’t had them in seven years easy! Everything in moderation even moderation you know? So stoked to and blessed to come across such wonderful human beings on this path. If this is where it has brought me, always in good company and filled with laughter than I shall without hesitation keep following the good guidance and spreading the good love! With unconditional Infinite love & light, The Universe through Jordan

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