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In Sync

After two people asked me if I was skating in the Vans US Open skateboarding competition in Cali, I began to wonder if California was the next stop on this tour! I also remembered that at the beginning of this tour my good soul fam and roommate, when I lived in Hawaii, reached out to me to ask if I had Cali on my radar for a tour stop! I told him if I did I would Indefinitely come see him and Alicia his girlfriend! I found some solitude in nature, entered my quiet zone and began to write in my daily guidance journal. I asked where am I to go next universe? California was most definitely the next major stop... however the universe never ceases to surprise me within the serendipitous moments on the way! For instance, many hours of driving through dessert went by and usually I find a camping place I can spend the night before hand when I’m guided to. It was almost night time, so I kept asking my heart if I should look up a camping spot, and In response I kept getting a no. I battled my minds hesitation of my safety and trusted my heart and that it already had something perfect planned for me. Then all of this sudden the climate changed, I went from being surrounded by dessert to lush forest and cooler weather. I was shocked at the thought of a tropical Arizona! To my left an opening in the trees bestowed one of the most stunning views these eyes have ever seen. Rolling hills draped the landscape, with fog getting heavier and heavier as the hills went further into the horizon. They completely disappear when the horizon met the sky. A rainbow effect of warming red and yellow burst from the right of the cloud cover from the sun setting. This lookout point had the most epic vantage point to take it all in!

So epic in fact, I decided it would be the perfect place for a music video! By my lonesome, I set up my guitar, got out my snare drum and would try to play them in sync for the first time. I mounted my phone between my shoe and my water mug on top of my guitar case to act as the camera man. With this type of incredible view filled with so much love from the higher realms to paint, I felt like I had to play a song of equal magnitude! I am SO CAREFUL about what songs I let program my subconscious. The songs that I love but don’t like the lyrics to, I just change the words so I can feel good about playing it! I call them divine free styles because I ask arch angel Gabrielle for the good grace of words and I freestyle the song right through my heart from the heavens! You mind is THE MOST fertile and rich garden. If you plant negative thoughts, or weeds in this metaphor, they will flourish. On the other hand, if you plant beautiful thoughts like “ the universe always provides everything I need when I need it” or “ I live the most incredible and fulfilling life!”, also known as flowers to this garden of the mind....they will flourish!! Be careful to all that you put in your mind, and when you decide you want your dreams to come true, pick a moment... any moment to shift your mentality from “I wish” “I Am” or Even better “I DID”. Water these thoughts DAILY in your minds fruitful garden, by repeating it as if your dream has become reality, and it too shall come to fruition! So finally after a few twenty takes I get the desired outcome of the “One Day reckoning” song by Asaf Avidan! I didn’t like that if affirmed growing old, since science has proved time and time again that we have new cells that regenerate EACH DAY. So truly there is no reason to grow older other than it was an idea placed into our minds to keep up from our infinite selves truest lifespan. So I rewrote the song to say TODAY we are One! Here is the Newest from myself!!!

With all the pure joy of creating and excitement of nature’s beauty I forgot all about where the heck I was staying tonight! Wouldn’t ya know it, right across the way was a camp ground! I woke up to the most beautiful sights of nature... and a low air sign in my tire. I was thinking all about my tire and forgot to pay the $18 per night camp ground fee at the drop box by the entrance. My heart told me to pay it forward in kindness to someone else today. So I put it to the universe that I wanted to get it my car checked out and my oil changed. After, my heart took me to a small town seven miles away called Star Valley Arizona. I was guided to a man named John who owned his own auto and tire business, and his young coworker used to skate but quite because no one did it where he lived anymore. Hyped because not only did he change my oil in record timing, I hooked him up with a fresh La Fabbricona Matteo Storelli pro model deck! Each La Fabbricona deck is hand crafted in bologna Italy by Matteo himself! This and some other skate stuff had my debt to the universe all squared away, and him blighting at the bit to get back into skating! Also I was given a crazy discount on the oil. All very fulfilling occurrences. Famished, I remembered passing this small but fun looking cafe on the way, so I drove there for some food before hitting the road back to Cali! Right outside of the cafe an awesome soul sister named Nikkisha of NKF Creations, who was selling her crystal jewelry outside! She has some INCREDIBLE jewelry, she does Custom wraps. She is on Instagram as @Nikkisha72 or Etsy at . Call her at 928-951-4606 for something rad of your own! Her aqua aura necklace called to me. Taking charge of all the different ways I can obtain things that call to me, I offered a successful trade! A tour T- shirt and CD in exchange worked wonders. Creativity for creativity, what could be better?

After that I met her son, someone who gave me so much hope! He was 10 years old and raised in the spiritual truths I have recently stepped into the past three years. His beautiful outlook on life gave me much needed positivity towards one day having my own little one! You should’ve heard him “ I’m just gonna let god choose what my path should be, it’ll just flow when the time is right”. I could have cried right there at how much good he will bring to this world. After that I was able to also trade my album for lunch because the wonderful Stacy was spiritually awake and was marveling at how lately the universe was bringing her all she needed to be more in tune with her heart, like my music! Simply magnificent. With Infinite love and Light always, The Universe through Jordan

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