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Dessert Night..My Heart Took Flight

Traveling back to Clayton, I was going to arrive an hour or so earlier than expected! I was passing through a smaller town and saw this incredible red ledge outside of an Elementary school. The two stair cases had one rail removed so it could be skated! At first glance I feverishly began to emit “Ooooaahhhs” and “no ways!”. I immediately felt called to do a backside noseslide down it! I asked my heart if it was for my highest good and it said yes! So I booked it with enthusiasm outside in the blistering sun with hopes of landing this trick!

I approached this trick so differently than I ever had in my skate career. I’m usually a ballistic cannon, I like speed, to get big air and do so with a large trust in my board that all will be well. This time around was different, I grounded myself before every attempt. At first it was scary, hard and unnatural, but then again all of skateboarding is just that! I had to know and feel for certain that my heart wouldn’t have said yes it was for my highest good if wasn’t going to land the trick!

At first I was alone trying this, and then all of this sudden I heard voices, two boys hooting and hollering “ you got this!” And “send it!“. After I heard this it was on! Now I felt more compelled to land it more than ever! After a few more tires two more kids came to watch, a brother and sister this time. Now I had an audience and I was stoked to land it! I was saying things like, I’m doing this trick on angels wings, and centering myself with chi aligning arm movements I’ve learned along my path before each attempt. I even visualized myself riding away form the trick fully in tact and landing it clean!

Twenty tries later and I rode away clean as a whistle!! I was so stoked to be able to show these kids what dedication looked like, and to use our minds to help overcome fears!

Back in the car and on the way to Clayton I traveled, happy as a clam. When I got there I immediately dove into working on the mural for it was still quite early in the day. It was to be painted on a one-hundred year old metal coffee mill where Mocks Coffee roasts their coffee beans daily and fresh! I got all of the paint I needed, and began to do the background first. Always begin with the background and finish with the most frontward objects in your art when it comes to murals. Working too to bottom is other guidance master moralists from Hawaii have instilled within me. Five hours later and I had lots of progress made! A man had come up to me and said his name was Art from the barber shop. He said I should come visit the Luna theater and see what it was all about. A bit later in the week and I would learn just why!!!!!! But that’s for the next blog post. The very last detail I got to do was my favorite by far. I had to add stars! With silver spray paint I spray painted my hand and flicked stars all over the top! After adding bright starts and a Milky Way, the “Welcome to” part of the sign just happened to fit perfectly within one of the bright stars I made. It was going to be the perfect “O” within the word “welcome”. You could call it an accident, I call it divine synchronicity.

That night I absolutely MARVELED at the stars, little did I know that Clayton was home to the darkest night sky index in the county. I could see the ENTIRE Milky Way. I even laid on top of my van with a sleeping bag under the stars. Such magic filled my body as I humbled myself, more and more abundant in gratitude for the life I live and the ability to create it into whatever I desire.

I began to do the lettering work in day two! Georgia, the lady that first told me to stop by hotel Eklund on my first pass through Clayton on my way to Albuquerque had blessed me one again. EXACTLY when I ran out of tape on the last letter N of CLAYTON, she swung by and mentioned “ now, I don’t know if you need it but I have this blue painters tape that maybe you could use!” I looked up and said “hank you Universe, you never cease to amaze me.” As I graciously accepted it!

I began to cook my lunch when Jennifer mentioned that she was looking for healthier options to serve others in her cafe style coffee shop. I was definitely the right woman for the job. I taught her how to make Kunyi, and Ayurvedic healthy rice dish that tastes like it’s not healthy, but the coconut oil, turmeric and ginger that it’s made of says otherwise! That day I made tofu strips with mango and coconut glaze over a bed of quinoa and avocado! I began to realize that I was to Bri so much more to this town than just this mural. Healthier eating was another one.

After a brief look around where the mural was, I saw turquoise colored lava rock everywhere! Such beautiful colors of green fading to light blue and then turquoise! Such high vibrational stones were everywhere!

Conscious of time, I knew I had my show begin at 6pm at the Eklund Hotel where Giorgia helped me set up a show. I went to play it, and ended up playing a total of six songs and freestyled one of them! The right words flowed out and everyone was present and enjoying the spontaneity of it all. I was very pleased and grateful I could omit the fear and know that the right words would come if I just had full faith!

I ended the second day with a beautiful feeling of accomplishment, and was heading out to find a piece of nature, not sure where I was going but headed where seemed to be he middle of nowhere. Ten minutes out or so, the location that popped into my heart was Clayton National Park, Jennifer had mentioned how beautiful it was. Not sure what was to come, I followed intuition fully. One of the most tantalizing places I had ever seen. I parked in front of bliss. A rock landscape, with such a serene view of the lake. What got me he most was it was only four dollars a night to park! I woke up and freaked out with such a powerful gratitude. Jumping up and down I couldn’t stop smiling! All of my dreams had come true.

With Infinite love & Light,

The Universe through Jordan

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