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Shock, I Almost Fell Off My Ladder

Clayton!! What an incredibly kind and giving community that really welcomed me in as Family. You know something is right when there is no effort involved. Where everything flows to you with ease. It is the taking the path least resistance within our human existance.. Clayton has proven this a place where I have much work to do! I could never have guessed that this place would have blessed me in SO many different ways! While I was painting the mural I told you before a man Art had come and told me to come see him in his barber shop. He had given me a tour of the theater he manages next to his shop called the Luna theater in the heart of downtown Clayton. He had given me the tour of his theater as if it was his baby. The love that he used while he described all of its history and glory really showed me just how much he cared for it. The Luna theater was home to epic vaudeville shows! He showed me the original velvet curtains, and backstage changing rooms. Their used to be lines around the town for blocks just to get in!

He took me upstairs to something that I completely did not see coming. He had a state of the art recording studio... and he had a proposition for me. He mentioned that there was another mural in town that began to fade after just one year for it hadn’t been weather proofed properly. He asked if I wanted to do a trade! Painting the historical mural properly in exchange for recording my next album and putting o a concert at the Luna theater! Picking my jaw off the floor, metaphorically of course, I absolutely obliged! I am always fulfilled in beaitiful and creative ways. I love all the creative opportunities the universe brings me to express myself! Two affirmations I say three times or more a day that had come to life, in a way I didn’t expect the town barber to deliver. We MUST let go of the how your dreams will come true and focus on the dream itself, envisioning it as if you already have accomplished it! So so excited I began to sing and work in the heavy winds to paint the mural. During a break, I went to go call my dad and inform him of the good news! As I was taking to him with delight, Jennifer’s husband tapped my shoulder and said “ Jordan, I’m sorry to interrupt your down time, but there’s a lady from the newspaper here to talk to you. I basically yelled in my dads ear with excitement says “ I gotta go! The Clayton news paper is here!

Jennifer and I, the owner and wonderful soul at Mocks Mill Coffee Shop

Marie Anna from the Union County Leader had come to take a picture of me and to get the story of what I am all about. I just explained that I am on a healing journey to help America disguised as a music and murals tour, bringing love and Light to wherever my heart takes me! Always on the call of spirit and living a life of service to others, allowing my heart to make all the decisions and planning for me. We ended up speaking Italian together and had a beautiful and deep talk. As she left Georgia was back to bless me again. This time she had a drink to hydrate me in the hot sun. She did not like me being outside battling the harsh New Mexico winds that was shifting my ladder a bit.

She stated with certainty “ you be careful young lady, I’m gonna be praying for you”. In perfect divine timing the next person to come was a man named JJ. He was a fellow surfer and skater who grew up shredding Huntington Beach in Cali. So naturally we had only good vibes and hugs to share with each other. Fully stoked, he helped me find a heavy bolder to hold my ladder down. He said that he wanted to have me on his radio station, co-hosting with miss beautiful soul Andrea, KLMX 97.5 The Bear!

Finishing almost all of the details I went back to Clayton Lake. I found the most zen filled private spot right on the water. I soaked up the energy of the moon stars and natural world all night and morning before I headed to be on the radio! We talked the good talk, spread the divine love and I even played a few songs! JJ flat out made my world by offering me a job live on air! He said he only worked with energies he likes and wants to be surrounded by. So he said that he wanted me to come in every morning when I return in March for the other mural and second album and speak words of wisdom to start all the listeners days off right! Serpentini’s words of wisdom! My smile was cemented to my face the entire day.

After I was blessed to meet another beautiful couple who ran the local art shop C & K Art creative crafts. Hey have a six thousand square foot art shop with some of the most innovative canvas ideas I’ve seen in a long time! They offered me a space giving reiki to the town when I came back! This is something my heart guided me that would happen. So many beautiful things to be grateful for, dreams manifesting right in front of my eyes, fresh air to breath, kind souls to reflect the love you give out, life will only get better the more we heal ourselves.

Change how you see the world and the world you see will change

With infinite love and light,

The Universe through Jordan

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