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A show to remember!

August 10th I had a show scheduled at the Alpine theatre thanks to West Virginia facilitator extraordinaire Joshua Donahue. He runs and maintains the beautiful and historical Alpine theatre. A soul I had the pleasure to meet at Serpent Mound Summer Solstice Festival! It was I and three other musicians, with an appearance by the #GLOW foundation. A memorial foundation started up by parents who had lost their son to suicide. Incredible what happened, I’ll both never forget and could have never seen coming. The show began like a normal one would. WIth crowds coming in to take their seats. I was first up! Blessed to be their, I shared thanks for the opportunity to bare my soul to them and share my creativity! The set went off without a hitch! Fully immersed in the flow state, I played all songs with my eyes completely closed, lost in the sensation of musical feelings. For all I knew, there could have been no one else in the room!

Each song channeled from some higher energy flowing through me, while pouring out emotion and reiki healing energy through every strum of my classical flamenco guitar! After my set I was greeted with so many kind words and hospitable gestures, ALWAYS lots of hugs (: . The man up after me was named William Southhall. Someone I will be asking to open for me when on my next tour. His story and music combination is truly inspiring. He talked of his time when he was younger and very critical of himself. Since then he had an accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury, leaving him filled with depression and heart ache. His life lesson to overcome was to love who he has become, and live in complete acceptance and patience with himself. He found his savior in the kingdom within himself, which then got him out of his depression and has spreads the good word ever since! William actually lead a massive prayer for all the kids in the world, especially West Virginia, that needed extra love and support! He said something along the lines of “ I ask that god be with all those that feel alone or suffer from depression. Let them feel loved and reassured that they are never alone.” Everyone in the audience was tearful. As someone who has transcended the false idea that emotional transparency is weakness... I was very visibly crying as I expressed my feelings as they came. We must not bottle ANYTHING up. For what happens to a pressurized bottle under change....It will eventually explode. This is why it’s so key to embody innocence like a child. If they get pushed down, they cry about it, release all those emotions and then are ABLE to get back into they’re joyous state in a matter of minutes and move on! This is how we are originally intended to live. With nothing weighing us down constantly. Our divine MIGHT is being in tune with our emotions. We become buried and disconnected when we do not act as we feel to. So set yourself free and release all you need to to move on! It feels so good, and so right.

After William, Josh Adams took the dark stage and shined like a lighthouse through the night. His voice needed nothing else to amplify for it had the movement of an avalanche. So powerful on its own. I enjoyed his songs about manifestation and divine truth. Finally Ryan Manley took the stage as the universe had meant for the stage to be dark so all could really feel his playing. Racked with self doubt he apologized for singing songs of sadness and playing so many songs.. but I saw so much more goodness than he felt for himself. He sang with so much talent it was incredible. Very well versed wit finger picking and most importantly wearing his heart in his sleeve. He sang just like Amy Winehouse.

So incredibly true to where he was at, with a transparency that bared his whole heart and soul. He too talked of the depression he suffered from and what got him through it. Little does he know that he will inspire a huge movement if he continues to turn his darkness into light for others in need and battling the same thing. Both William and I, although we now sing songs of incredible light..first sang songs of deep darkness. How do you thing we found that Light huh? Here’s a verse from my most recent divine free flow. You had to show me this before Through my darkness shines a door To find the love I have inside Within my pain I find my light After the show, ryan was illuminated with friends, family and a smile that I didn’t see leave his face for the rest of the night. A magical show indeed that I’ll never forget. All in great company and creativity. Everyone who came left with s very unique experience and bond felt on a deeper level.

With Infinite love & Light, The Universe through Jordan

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