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When Faced With Struggle, Rise Above

As I was supposed to paint one mural in Ravenswood WV, there was an unexpected hitch. They found black mold within the building that had hospitalized someone four times. At the same time the person I was staying with had a change of heart. Everyone has free will and free choice to choose as they please, and when staying in the flow of divine synchronicity, it is key to stay fluid and flexible through it all. Because of this persons actions, my course on this tour had been very altered. It was the first time in the tour I was faced with many emotions that could threaten to take me out of the flow if I let myself get angry. Instead I stayed centered in prayer to take away all bad thinking and reprogram my mind wit only beautiful and loving thoughts, as well as Meditation for clear and obvious guidance. I was taken by my heart to an empty field, a place where many small flowers graced the land and the symphony of nature roared with bliss. I decided to get my yoga mat and do some yoga and reground myself after a hectic and emotional morning.

A small news bee landed on my leg, which I quickly asked my guidance “friend or foe”. My guidance replied with “friend” so I let it do its thing. I entered a deep meditation very quickly but still felt the bees presence as I could feel another one land on my left leg. I saw beautiful colors in my minds eye, washes of orange turned to blue, and healing colors of purple and green began to spiral about. I saw the visual of a lake, and began to wonder what it meant. I meditated for a good forty minutes, sitting in blissful nothingness, with a still mind and sun rays warming my being. I opened my eyes to exactly what I could feel was happening, one bee turned into around 32, no exaggeration. I remembered they were friends and were serving me some good healing purpose so I just Kaye’s back for a few minutes and watched them all find so much interest in my being. I feel like anyone else not in tune with their heart would have flipped their lid, but once we change our perspective from man vs. nature to realizing that nature has gifts for us and is actively aiding in healing us if we have a calm and peaceful heart space emitting, we can see that all is not out to kill us. But in fact, all is here to help us. So my guidance was a visual of a lake, hmmmm google may have my answers I thought. There was a place called Ruby Lake not to far from here, only three miles away! I went and asked if they had room for another camper for the night, they said no but I could make myself a spot if I saw one and didn’t mind. What better place than right under a Tree and up close to a lake! As I pulled up I saw a long building about thirty feet in length a plane jane color of cream beige. My literal first thought was “woah that could use a mural!”

So I parked for the night and marveled at all the beautiful spots my heart had guided me to. However I was financially looking for some abundance so I did what I always do when I need something. I prayed about it. I set up my table and chair outside and I began to paint for a mural I had coming up in Cleveland! All of this sudden, the guy who’s trailer next to me came up to me and posed a rather odd question. “Do you paint roosters” in an extremely southern accent to my delight. “Uhm, yeah I can paint whatever you’d like!” And he said “ my names rooster, I like roosters, paint me a rooster and we will see how good you do, if you do good maybe you can paint my wife and I”. So I painted a rooster for him, beaitiful and with many different colored feathers, one job for him spiraled into three providing me with much attention in the event park artistically! Blessings abound, I showed penny the lady who owned the park. Planting a seed for later when I would propose to paint her a mural! The next day I approached her with my same positive and grateful vibe I always maintain, and she gave me some ideas! She basically said yes if I could come up with a good concept! Blending the Purple Heart that her father earned from his life of service with a view of the lake. I came up with the heart within the water reflected. I told her it would look just like this! To my satisfaction she was in and I had a job just like that! Where one path changes and alters yours, another is just as easily found if peacefulness is maintained!! So I began painting away! Outline first and then got some basic colors down of the lake. The next day I had gotten seriously wiped out. I was releasing troubles from a past life that left me needing much rest. The day after that it rained so I couldn’t work on the mural. My forth day I awoke in a very negative way and it was the first time for this kind of rude energy as well. Penny had knocked on my door early in the morning, woke me up and said “I hate the mural, I want you out of here. It looks silly and it makes me look bad” I asked where in the world was this coming from because she had been such a sweetheart to me beforehand! Totally out of the blue all of this was. I told her it simply wasn’t done yet and I wasn’t leaving because My heart never put or something that the person I’m painting for doesn’t like. So basically I refused, because I know she’d love it when I finished and it would make her smile to see that for her dad. She just couldn’t see the finished product like I could.

I prayed to the highest heavenly realms and they replied with she’s going to love the finished result. People began to ask why I was still here if she told me to leave. I stated that “she will love it once she sees some color”. So I worked from 9:30am that morning until 10:45pm and I finished the Purple Heart completely! I worked through the downpour of rain and the chill of the crisp air. Next morning I saw her face as she looked at the mural during her morning stroll around the lake. She had begun to change her mind, but she wasn’t yet ready to speak with me. That morning I worked from 7am to finishing it at 12:15am with a head lamp on after midnight. I painted it with all of the love I knew it could be.

I came to her when I was all done and she told me not only did she love it, but she apologized. She said “so were friends again?” And I said “we never weren’t friends (: with a smile that showed I meant it!” I learned through this to keep good contact with the person I’m painting for daily and to remind them to not judge until it’s finished. Murals don’t happen over night, they take a great deal of compassion and drive to complete it with the very best shinning details at the end even if your tired!

Because of the shift of my path, I was able to meet wonderful people here like Bridgette and her family. I met Natalie, a wonderful young peace bringer in training just like myself. I really didn’t seek to, but I re-ignited the families faith that we have to power to overcome our pas and change our current reality into anything we want. We are not VICTIMS, we are CREATORS. Experiences happen to us, we learn from them and they build onto our light. The darker into he rabbit hole you go, the. Tighter you can become and the more good you can bring to this world! Sometimes the people with the biggest purpose had the “shitties” pasts. Never give up, With Infinite love & light always, The Universe through Jordan

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