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The Gift of Freedom

While at Ruby Lake something life changing happened... well all of this journey has been life changing but this gave me so much hope in the world and fulfillment in myself. Bridgette who I mentioned in my last blog post had a tough upbringing. I was able to release a lot of her past traumas through a reiki session and ended up attuning her to have the gift of healing that keeps on giving! This way she could continue to heal herself and offer this to her entire family! Apparently I reached her at the perfect time, as she was in much need of a rejuvenation of faith. This is a commonality, it is easy to loose it when you get lost in the illusion of life. Thinking that life happens to us instead of us creating it. She has been SUCH an amazing lighthouse of safety and protection for all those around her that struggle with anything. Always offering her house to those in need of safe haven, and for this the heavens wanted her to receive the blessing this time round. Anyways, she had informed me of this girl that she knows, not naming names to protect her confidentiality. This girl came in confidence that her dad had been raping her. Not standing up for an bullshit, because of Bridgette’s past, she feels the calling to stand up for any injustice. The court system of West Virginia is and has been very corrupt. Recently there has been a massive outting of the top officials where almost the entire group of official representatives had been terminated due to unjust practice. This was a PRAYER answered. Still however West Virginia battles with horrible things that were somehow made common in their generations such as rape, depression, drugs and high suicide rates. Bridgette stood up for her and ended up taking her dad to court. The case went in for six Long dragged out years over the money of it all, and unfortunately was not progressing as she hoped. DIVINELY, she was going a few days after I met her. I told her I am going to stop by your house tomorrow morning, I will have something for you, I’m not sure what it is, but I will have it for you channeled from the god of my heart. The next morning I did my normal yoga and meditation upon waking up, and put out a prayer to arch angel Gabrielle for the good grace of words as I sat in front of a blank paper. I do this for she had the most amazing ability to let the right words flow that the person the letter addresses will receive the words that resonate MOST with them. What came through was beyond me. This letter WAS divine intervention for the court system. It out things in a perspective that Even all the males in the court room could relate to Even if they haven’t been sexually abused. It talked about the emotional impact of a trauma like this. It talked about the world seeming a bit more dim after something this traumatic happens to you, and that if only someone was there to stand up for the right thing and oppose what is immoral on all levels. It stated with something along the lines of“ imagine an army Sargent with no respect or a war veteran with no support, I’ve prayed hat only the truth be spoken in this court room today, and right now you judge, have the power to give these girls hope again. To show them that people do stand up for the right things. Ask your heart what feels right, god awaits your answer with blissful anticipation in hopes that it will rule in the favor of these girls for the sake of hope and peaceful humanity.” JUST as I finished this letter, up pulls Bridgette feeling that she was to come down and see me before she left. I gave her my blessing, and the paper as well and prayed for the highest good of the whole situation. I envisioned her bugging me right as she cried that he was sentenced to prison, and the choose to rule in favor of the girls in order to manifest that outcome. They day went by as I caught up on resting my body. She returned at night to fill me in on what had happened. WE FUCKING DID IT! She said that she essentially able to give the judge the letter directly but she was able to go and read it in front of him. The judge ruled him guilty on all nine felony counts of rape! The options the accused dad was given was preposterous. He was given the choice of two years of probation, which shows just how often this must happen here in West Virginia, or fifty years in prison.....he chose prison for life. His appeal has been denied and he will be sentenced officially in early November. He knew within his heart that it was the right thing to do after what heartache his actions had caused. Which thankfully for him that would settle some karmic debt that he had racked up over the years of all of this happening. His daughter is getting married at the end of this month and is blossoming and flourishing in life. I jumped up to give her the biggest hug in the world. My path had changed courses so quickly from one mural to the one at Ruby Lake because of someone’s free will and free choice that drastically changed my path. I am so happy now that they did for all of the good that was able to come out of it! My music art and writing are affluent and holy divine intervention for those in need. An affirmation I say three times at the beginning of every day...I know I served a large role in shifting the outcome and energy of this entire court case. I feel blessed out of my mind to be able to do good on this high of a magnitude. What a magical world we live in. All is tentative and can be changed, we must have to will it so, and as creators of this universe we have the power to change any outcome we damn well please as song as it is in the will of the highest energies and for the highest good of mankind. From my experiences to yours, I wish you well on all of your journeys and remind you that you are not a victim of this life but a CREATOR of the life you want to live. Begin within, cultivate your minds garden to grow only the ideas and positive thoughts you wish to see in your reality. With Infinite love and light, The Universe through Jordan

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