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Murals, Miracles and Mother Earth

As I painted the Ruby Lake mural, I was driving about 40 minutes weekly to go to this wonderfully conscious food store called Mother Earth Foods! The whole reason I was brought to Parkersburg was a place called Unity Cafe initially. Run by a firery and wonderful soul named Petia from Bulgaria! They were also 40 minutes away but I had that divine and intuitive urge that I always get to go... so I went! Holy shit... LITERALLY, all of this is some holy stuff because BOTH Unity Cafe and Morher Earth were looking for a muralist! Seriously in the flow, I found myself dancing with care free salsa moves and spinning all over the public, in private, all over! It didn’t matter, when your doing what you love, full-filling your purpose, and getting creative for a living, well, dancing with joy becomes a daily part of your routine! The transformation I have made is astounding. I found myself battling depression just 3 years back prior to this manifestation of a path of light and love!

How the mural came to be at Mother Earth Foods was PRICELESS. As I was checking out, one of the many lovely souls working there asked if my mural went well last week. Before I could even say “yes! It was a well conquered challenge!” A man with a long grey beard, wolf shirt and no shoes interjected with “ you paint murals? You know Dave?”. Truly I had no idea who Dave was, but my heart knew and had a response that said “the owner?” TOTALLY TRUSTING IN MY GUT... he replied with “ Yeah! You know he’s looking for a muralist right?” I bent down to my knees with a hand over my mouth like “ you gotta be joking this is all sorts of divine!” . He took my business cards and promised to pass them onto Dave! This mans name was Mark. He was in great pain actually, as I noticed he let out yelps of discomfort carrying his things back to the car. My solar plexus, which is located right in the sternum area, began to overwhelm with presence. I felt tightness in my soul, repeating “ you gotta tell him you can help him”. With this, I took a big breath and exhaled as I piped up and found the courage to speak my truth. “ hey Mark, I am pretty sure that I can help you, I am a healer and can ease your pain” . The spiritual man that he is, he kindly said yes, and we had a session right there in the parking lot! Little did I know throughout the painting of that mural I would have three more sessions of other souls brought into my path in that parking lot. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do! So after reconnecting many fractured energy pathways in his right leg, he got off my reiki table enthusiastic as ever that his ankle was feeling better and he let out a huge “ praise yaweh!” whom others refer to as Jesus, and followed up with a grand hug! I gave a few cd’s as a gift for him and Dave who he just so happened to be meeting for dinner that night! Upon further meditation, I received that I would be working on Mark three more times to fully fix his fractured energy pathways from an old injury and accident, and that all sessions had to be about one week apart. Super stoked on all the synchronicities, I began to seek out nature to stay for the night. I looked up camping places in the area and let my finger be guided by spirit to choose the right one. It choose the closes one and immediately I knew it was only so I could stay in the area.... for I went there and marveled at the beauty of the river as the sun set. I got a call moments after the sun was down from Dave himself! He invited me to stay at his organic farm! Blessed and blissed out of my mind, I drove there to his little slice of heaven in the hillside country of West Virginia.

Ahh he and his whole family were so cordial and kind, my soul again began to sing the familiar tune of “ its good to see you all again?! Soul family from a different life being brought back together again under different circumstances and atmospheres. Too cool, this life is way too cool. My goodness!

Next day we talked designes. Him and his co-worker told me what they wanted the mural to represent loosely. It was to collectively embody gratitude reminding everyone where our food came from and how we are all one living in harmony with Mother Earth not against her. So I did as I always do and put out a prayer that I would channel a drawing that would be for the highest good of the community and the highest liking of Dave. This way I never have to worry about painting the wrong thing, I simply pray and know that whatever comes through is exactly what I need. Without falter, they loved it!

the initial watercolor of Mother Earth!

And so it began! Crazy, I was painting two murals at once, one was extremely small details and intricate designs of red and orange Bulgarian roses and flags that harmonized two territories that Petia called home , and the their was an extremely huge macro scale! Where everything was larger than life! It was my first time using a scaffold, or should I say and adult jungle Jim... what your. It supposed to play on those things? At least I was wearing my skateboarding helmet the whole time!

Unity Cafe mural!

Something magical and beyond surprising that happened with Petia and I. She shared her tradition of reading coffee grounds. You drink a small cup of espresso and flip the cup in the grounds letting them sit. She turned my cup over after a few minutes and read it as if she was a palm reader or Oracle. She said “ I see two mountains, your climbing a rope between the two and you must not jump, but choose one... after that I see extremely smooth sailing for you.” I thought instantly I had to pick between one of my creative outlets. This for me was to pick between murals and music. Even though murals were coming so easily recently, deep down I knew it had to be music for I can reach a much larger audience that way to bring my healing to the world and fulfill my truest life’s purpose. “All of that in coffee grounds?!” I said half laughing. I began to flip hers over and I saw a subtle wash of coffee almost like a waterfall. “ I see a waterfall of divine love, and you are at the top, however, opposite from me, you are to jump and allow heavenly love to fill your life fully, giving love as easily as you receive it”. I forced a hug out of her for I was the person to open her up a bit into being more open with her love as her cup attested to. After awhile her hugs became second nature between us, and I saw her really open up a bit! Over at Mother Earth I found myself heavily distracted. For I am guided to give or receive wisdom as it appears in my path... well we were at a mecca for open hearted people to pass by in need of wisdom at the health food store. So I found myself taking longer than I thought on this murals. It was my biggest yet, three stories and in some serious heat with the humidity and all. Thankfully he treated my like family and took care of me each day!

One of the most wild and magical things to happen to me was when Mother Earth HERSELF supplied food for me to eat while I was painting Mother Earth in painting form! I had to step back to see the larger perspective and in doing so, I stepped on something seriously red and squishy. It was a plum! Well it makes total sense since they purposefully planted a plum tree on Plum street! The thing that made me actually jump for joy historically was when I had a few plums and decided to turn around and get even further back for a larger view... I kid you not a mutha fuckin apple is literally rolling towards me across the street!! I ran to it, almost in tears and utter confusion. “ thank you mother Gaia!” I shouted in the middle of the road! Upon further examination, there was an apple tree across the street in a hill! I went over to it, and it was overflowing with beautiful ripe apples! I saw a little squire friend up their had plopped one down for me as he scurried away in sight of me. I asked myself “ how could life get even more magical?”

I got a lovely text from Huntington saying that my account had dropped below the balance I set for them to notify me. The text said that I had 1.08 cents left in my account. I say everyday that fear may not live in my mind body and spirit, and I have everything I need as I need it. So normally my mind in the past would go into a frenzy of worry about that. But fear cannot exist within me anymore, for it is no more than an idea.. an idea that I have chosen to live without. So my guidance wispered “ don’t worry 600.” I repeated it as said “ don’t worry 600...what?” Either way I didn’t worry. My heart had guided me to ask form 220 for the mural, but my daily affirmations include one that says: I always get equal compensation for my work.

I was about five days in getting so many good vibes from everyone. People would wave, yell nice things and over all be lovely as I painted the hot days away. On the sixth day, I found myself there late at night and out my right hand on my heart for guidance to ask what to do next. “One more thing and then call it for the night” my guidance said. My heart was for some reason very adimate about leaving on Wednesday, which was the next day.... I still had so much to do. I picked to paint the rose as my finishing touches for the night. My heart laughed and spirit guides all laughs as they knew I’d be spending hours on that rose. This was THE biggest and THE most beautiful rose I have ever painted hands down, until I paint the next one that is! Upon finishing it, I joked with the god of my heart and said “ alright guys, you ready for an all nighter?” And without a beat, my guidance said in the most eloquent and lovely voice that the angelic realm usually speaks to me with “ yes, we do believe you are to work through the night as you will need this completed for your next mural to be in divine timing” . I was completely joking, but they were completely serious! It shocked me for usually they like me to go to bed early and are always rooting me to get lots of rest and relaxation. I let out a “ chyeaaahhhhhh, let’s do did guys!!” As I love working at all hours, especially lit with the full moon at my side!

Finishing the rose at night!

Headphones in with positive tunes blasting, I painted and danced throughout the night to my hearts highest content! I became a bit loopy around noon the next day as I put the finishing touches on it!

I had one last pow wow of Dave’s beautiful family and friends! I said my goodbyes and parted ways. Before I left Dave asked again how much he owed me for my work. I said well the materials were around 180, and my heart was guided to ask you for 220. He said here’s 600, that feels more right to me. I looked directly up and thought in my head to the heavens “ y’all are gooooood at what you do” and almost broke into tears!

Dave and I infront of the finished Mural!

Grateful, I took a nap for a few hours and hit the road onto my next adventure I Cleveland! Keep your dreams focused like a spider would a web in your minds eye. Let nothing get in your way, take small heart guided steps, and front with all the confidence in the world as if you already have your dream in your hands.... that’s exactly what I did. I used the laws of attraction to my advantage as a creator of my reality. I can honestly say that I’m living my wildest dreams each moment, and have never experienced so much love and fulfillment in my entire time here in Earth as Jordan. With Infinite love & light, The Universe through Jordan

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