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The Art of Channeling

While in West Virginia, my heart called me into an antique shop. There was something in there for me. I didn’t know what, but when I first walked in and viewing the thousands of things they had, I knew my heart would guide me to it. After examining everything, I finally found it. The time had not been right before in my life, bu this time the cards aligned and I had a full house. It was perfection. A sexy old school fedora laid on a hat rack so close to it too. It was beyond meant to be. All at once I had picked up an entire new persona! An almost new saxophone laid on an old war bench, bright blue and steel, absolutely shouting my name. The ones I had found before were anywhere from four hundred to eleven hundred dollars. Something was rusted or there was a piece missing. Yet this time around my heart was tingling and my face illuminated with a grin for I knew I was walking out of here with this thing! I’ve always know deep down I was meant to play the sax. I had an unexplainable affinity for it! Usually when you get that feeling it is because it is meant to be apart of your path, or had been already in your path in a past life. I’ve had many past lives singing in jazz venues, playing flamenco guitar in the streets of Spain, and indeed jamming out of the saxophone! My proof... I could feel it in my bones. My soul resonated with it as my truth, for when I finally got it out of the case, I had goose bumps at first touch. So familiar yet so foreign in this life. I picked it up and played it as if I was already ripping! Lifting it up like the pros do and moving my hands quickly as if I was in a saxophone solo! Truly I found myself so prepared from playing flamenco guitar! Now the strings would simply be vertical. I had all the confidence and zero skill!! I really sounded bad the first times, then learned that it was all about your embouchure, or the way you blow on the mouth peace. Around the first few plays I could play not so much, but around the second half hour go at it, I had made my first note! The fifth I got marry had a little lamb down horribly. Then the 7th time, I had learned how to go from one scale to my own style! I had completely self taught myself how to play the sax in under ten tries! My secret was that I am an open channel to the divine, and I ask for help in many areas of my life because that’s what their floating up there for!! To help us!! They sit around bored up their waiting us to call upon them for service in whatever way our hearts desire. So I asked the heavenly vibrations above to channel through me! It’s almost like cheating, but it’s not at all for its remembering your truest essence. Our internal guidance, or kingdom within has EVERY answer to our questions. All the how-to’s, when to’s and more. So I spent each practice with thoughtless breath, and letting the divine above guide my hands where to go, just like I do for reiki healing, just like I do for freestyle painting murals. I am open to help and always listening. I have built discernment between my angelic voice and egoic voice that both play in my head. Your egoic voice has the feeling of being always rash, pushy, forcing and Even has a colder feeling. On the other hand, your angelic voice is very eloquently spoken, slower, warmer feeling, and always has your highest good in mind. So I got familiar with the two. I was constantly praying for discernment and for my angelic voice to always be louder than my ego. It has paid off in more ways than I can even quantify! I love love love this instrument and look forward to learning its full ranges and capabilities! Maybe I can even beat box with it . Just remember my creator family, you have a vast knowledge of internal wisdom far greater than society has led you to believe. It simply must be tapped into, or in other terms your spiritual muscle must be worked out to strengthen it for clear guidance. It’s a transition that has simplified my life leaving only sheer gratitude and no impossibilities!

With Infinite love and Light, The Universe through Jordan

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