Divine Blessings

Upon my return to Cleveland, I kept myself on the down low so I could put all of my creative effort into this mural I’ve been working on! It still astonishes me that the universe has never given me something I couldn’t handle. Truthfully, which I always am, but if I were given this size of a mural to paint at the beginning of the summer, I would have tried my best but would have been in over my head most likely! However! Instead I was provided with one mural experience after another this summer that has prepared me for this little by little! One mural was outdoor in heavy wind on a ladder in Clayton NM to prepare me for rough weather, another was my first time using scaffolding to prepare me for heights and so forth! All miraculously happening in perfect divine timing.

Which leads me to this! The biggest and most divine mural I have ever undertaken! It’s 240sq feet long, and 3 stories high as it bends around a corner! Get this, it’s all MY DESIGN! My heart was guided to provide 10 different options for the building owner, I figured he’d pick 1.....he picked 4!!! I gratefully accepted, and dove in. This mural was my bridge to many firsts....first time painting on brick, and also it was to be my first mural using a spray gun. OH YEAH, and it was my first time operating heavy machinery!

Little Jordan fully buckled in on a boom lift that lifted me all the way above cleveland was the sight to see in downtown Cleveland’s west side of the flats! This one was so different from the other murals though. It was not only all of my design without additions of anyone else’s ideas, but also it was a massive transitional step in my life’s journey. My reiki master, and light worker extraordinaire, Patricia Siliko, the voice of the angels, told me it would be “a springboard to my career” catapulting me to a world wide audience. I eagerly stayed present for a few weeks to find out what she meant!

So many people were stopping by each day to say hi! It was beautiful and reassuring to know those in the community were appreciative of me adding more beauty! Here are the 3 mural sketches!

The first is the corner mural. A divine waterfall flowing from the heavens down onto Mother Gaia, or Mother Earth, depicted as the golden goddess. Her feet transform into two different sides of the wall. On the left side her foot grows into the tree of life with the 7 Chakras, or energy centers, in the body painted up the middle. On the right side, her foot becomes a stairway to the heavenly realms!

The second mural is a depiction of a divine Rose! Where half of the picture is rose, and half is an entirely different background scene with many elements to it. Basically the background picture is the natural world and the man built city bridged together by a divine golden bridge. With hands joining together over common ground in the lower center made up of a rainbow and bed of crystals below! This signifies that in order to continue to live on Earth we must live in harmony with her instead of against her or better than her.

The third design is an angel named Elane. She is a healer angel and apprentice to Arch Angel Michael. Her soft gaze and higher vibrational background will instill peace and hope in the hearts of all who see them!

One individual came by and yelled up to me while I was three stories up, painting the very brim of the building top. Admiring the suns reflection off the adjacent building, and loving the flicks of butterflies migrating south from Canada that I saw in packs and one by one! Her name is Tarra. She asked if she could take my picture, and said she’d leave her card on the electric box 30 feet below me. I said sure and thought nothing of it. Well, after a long day of creating, and spreading good vibes to all those I encountered. I remembered her card just before I took off for the night!

It has blown into the grass, and as I picked it up, it read City of Cleveland

Public Art Project Coordinator

City Planning Commission