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Murals for world change

Little did I think this would happen. Little did I anticipate my life’s opportunities unfolding like this. I put these words out to the universe at first truly unsure if they would come true. I put my faith into something invisible, something only my heart told me wa real, something higher. To do this, I had to let go. I had to let go of the stories that I had been raised with. Stories of how the world works, and about the limitations of how much one person can actually do. Beyond that, I had to let go of stories about what it means to be happy. All of it was just that. A story, a story that I could choose to give energy to or not. Growing up, I felt so much pain in my heart when I saw a world not reflect the world I saw in my heart. At first I thought it was my curse. I asked myself why did no one else around me care about the same things I did?. How could we let this happen to Mother Nature, how could we put money before human lives like this, how could we live so separate when in reality we’re all family. All one race. The human race. So I let it all go, and I learned to tune into my heart instead of my mind. I tuned out of fear and into trust. Into trusting in myself as a creator of my life, and a powerful manifester of my life’s painting. I learned to cultivate my mind's garden, uprooting all weeds of fear that were not really my truth, and I learned to plan seeds of my truth, my might, and all the things that would bear fruits on my path and in my reality! I reminded myself that I create my own luck, my own life’s miracles, and my own happiness. I remembered my truth that I have forgotten in many lifetimes. I have remembered what I am here to do. I remembered that the only real currency we can take with our souls is love. I remembered that material things like cars and houses could not make me happy, or fulfill my purpose, and all that I need had always been right inside me. All of it. Inside is where my infinite oceans of self love, fulfillment, wisdom, clarity, protection and freedom were locked up! Clouded by a dusty layer of fear, and told that I wasn’t all that it was. I’m so happy I fell. I’m so blessed to have fallen apart so many times as I did. I’m so grateful for all the hardest moments my path has showed me for it brought me to a place of questioning my truth. This is where I found everything I could ever dream of and then some. In 2017 I decided that I was a muralist, I had just failed at painting this school bus in Hawaii. It never got done, and the daily rain had defeated me, blending my painting and washing it away into defeat. When I moved back to Ohio, I got a studio space at Summit Art Space, where the director had told me "I think your career path is going to change" once she saw the mural I painted inside of it. I now, have the biggest work of my life. It has been so fruitful in meanings to me. It is the manifestation of many affirmations. It symbolizes an opportunity with no time limit and was created without rush for in intended only jobs that would compliment my flow would find me. It also represented the biggest blank canvas of my life, one where Rafid Fedul, the building owner at the time, had let me paint what my heart desired. It is also the background to a music video that I shall share with you when the timing is perfect and gut feeling inspired! After a few months, I am blessed to present a work that came through me, completely guided by spirit in each hand stroke of paint. With a prayer that whatever would come through me would be for the highest good of the Cleveland community. I present you a collective of murals entitled “divine blessings.”

With infinite love and light,

The Universe through Jordan

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