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The Light is Beaconing

Global Prayer is live everywhere!!

I feel on the brink....of something so very grand. Ever since Global Prayer has been released I have been called by the infinite kingdom within. Pushing me toward music, guiding me to play longer and informing me that music is to be the avenue that bring all other things to fruition that I have my heart and hand in. As many of you know I have my hands in many baskets, I am called to be fluid towards whatever creative way the present opportunity calls for. However, I feel a shift very near. From the galactic source, creator, god of my heart, that has created all, lives in all and loves all... I have been told and feeling more and more like music is asking me to step up into a position of great influence. One where my non profits will flow easily a few years down the road once my notoriety has skyrocketed, empowering the masses with a change of perception. My books will sell all over the world, falling into the hands of those I have soul contracts to help lift up, inspire and enlighten alike. My murals will be in more amazing places than ever before, where high volumes of people shall see them everyday and feel the healing vibrations I have intended to be stored within them! So I have to STEP UP. I am stepping up! I’ve ALREADY stepped up!! As of now, I have decided to embody the lifestyle of a musician, practicing 4-5 hours a day, connecting to spirit and entering the almighty flow state of creativity whether 1 person or 1000 souls are watching. Each opportunity is being drawn to me with great joy and ease these days. I feel so blessed. I am absolutely CHERISHING the quiet now for I know how in demand my presence is to become very shortly. I’ve decided to continually make THIS MOMENT the very best of my life! Where my dreams are not just on the horizon, my dreams are HERE and they are happening NOW. In full fruition my emotions rejoice in the bliss that is having my dreams come true right here and now in the present moment. I will find fulfillment to look back and think to myself, I remember driving down the road in my van, screaming to nothing that “ I DID IT! IM PAINTING MURALS OF DIVINE LIGHT AND PLAYING MUSIC OF DIVINE HEALING ALL OVER THE WORLD! I’ve raised the vibration of the world and EVERYBODY lives in their truest heart space! The golden age is HERE!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO WE FUCKIG DID IT!!!!!” Even when my surroundings didn’t match any of the things I screamed about. Again, I choose not to be ignorant to my reality but powerful to the faith in myself as a creator of my reality within the galaxy. This is just step one my bruddas and sistas. Just wait. We create our experiences and realities in this life now, in order to train for bigger and bigger forms of creation!

“Galaxies will be made by you, I believe it so” - jordan Serpentini


With Infinite love & light, The Universe through Jordan

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