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Coffee & Destiny

Everything is vibration, everything has an energy. Your words have energy, your thoughts have energy and the universe shows you what energy your thoughts and words have by returning them back to you through experiences. Yes, you indeed create everything in your life, much like a painter on canvas.

I am fulfilled in all beautiful, positive and creative ways!

The universe provides me with everything that is necessary for the fullfillment of my hearts desires, I need as I need it!

Well what I felt like I needed recently was a place to play music that resonates with the amount of love I put out! These affirmations manifested in the way of guitar lessons given to a most beautiful soul friend Rick! With such talent and fearlessness to try different techniques together, shortly after our first lesson I knew that it wouldnʼt be long before he was teaching me! As I departed back home I pulled up to the light at the center of Copley where the roundabout connects. I looked to my right and saw this building that had lanterns with fire that lite up each stone rock wall that adorned the front. Cascading with good energy and creativity it resembled a jousting stadium feel. I felt this unbelievable urge to go in there.

So I pulled a U-ey and pulled in! It was closed! But I felt like I needed to go in this place still. The name was Copley Coffee & Games located at 1442 S Cleveland Massilon Rd Copley, OH 44321. I went over to the window and looked inside, a girl who worked there saw me, and actually came out to ask if she could help. I told her my usual, my heart guided me here and Iʼm not so sure why. Music popped into my heart right as I was saying this, so I felt compelled to ask. Do you guys play music here? She said “Tuesday nights we do open mic nights and Saturday's we have musicians that come!”

With a smile on my face, I said thank you much my friend and felt the urge to gift her a cd of mine. They were all at home so I apologized and told her I would return. However, every time I had a lesson with Rick I would remember that place, get excited then realize it closes early Mondayʼs. Each time I remembered to breathe, release and said all is happening exactly as it’s supposed to.

One day my week got all turned around and my heart felt that I'm ake our lesson on Monday for I had a healing circle to go to, so we rescheduled for a Tuesday night lesson instead. Well the universe would have it that I was going to go early down that way to stop at the paint store for supplies for my next mural! At the last moments I decided against that for some reason, a feeling of being needed elsewhere popped into my heart instead.

This lead me to be extremely early to Rick’s, but who knows maybe I was meant to be.


This all makes way more sense as I got closer to his house in the Copley circle. I saw the coffee shop, and even more importantly I saw the OPEN sign illuminated! Out the car I lept, and into a whole other world I entered! What a creative place! Everything had such a good vibe. This place was filled to the brim with love! As an intuitive energy healer, the love this place emits is actually intense!

Since I had a good half hour before our lesson, I decided to buy some things and enjoy them in this creative environment! I sat down and took it all in, from the water fountain with hanging roses to the bookshelf that truly spilled in the most whimsical way, defying gravity on all accounts! I knew this place was a prayer answered to me.

I was JUST looking for a new place to play music at, and here the universe had provided it to me! Now all I had to do was ask about it. When I met the owner Jason, I distinctly remember feeling like I was talking heart to heart with him. We might as well not even have had bodies during our first conversation. He wore his heart on his sleeve and it was written in his eyes. They were as genuine as the giving tree. Here to serve in whatever way he could help

you. In that moment I felt like I could ask him for help with anything in the world and he would have said yes, stranger to stranger. Yet are we really really strangers when our hearts remember all of our old buddies for different lifetimes?

My answer, nope (:

The sense of knowing someone instantaneously is too strong, itʼs much more deeply rooted than that and it always has been. My soul and heart felt Jason and I’s first meeting was like “its nice to see you again, where you been all this lifetime?! So he tells me to come back after my guitar lesson and play him some music as he closes to see if he likes my musical vibe. So excited, I knew it was meant to be. I had a wonderful lesson and then brought Rick with me back to the shop! Jason graciously hooked us up with some delicious spinach grilled cheeses on rye. Usually I am not called to eat bread or cheese, but this time I was guided to. Everything in moderation I guess!

He listened to my music in my most favorite way a human being could receive it. He felt it. With his eyes closed he just sat back and began to enjoy the presence the music brought him. After I was finished he told me he loved it! We got to talking and we realized how incredible that we were both brought together right at this time! I let him know I was just looking for a new place to play music, so I will be playing here TODAY at 6, Saturday the 23rd, and March 2nd! Every other Saturday I shall bring my musical medicine to fruition to all who feel compelled to come!

To my sheer amazement, I enlightened me of the founding of how this place came to be. Its only been open for a month, and I felt the urge to come right from the very beginning. Basically, to make a lengthy story short, Jason built this place not with contractors, but with the help of local kids on a whim!!! Reminded me a whole lot of myself and how I'm always going with my gut! This shop is so much more than a Coffee and Cafe though, the kids that help run it and helped build have used it as their safe haven! They created all of the amazing designs inside, and made this place absolutely magical! The kids all come from really rough families and backgrounds and it gives them all that they need. Jason makes sure they have lunch for food when their parents don't, school supplies when they need them and clothes as they need!

WHAT A SAINT! No wonder I was brought to them! As he was telling me this, I began to realize that this too is more than just a place to play with lots of love. I am a blessing to them just as they are a blessing to me! (Another POWERFUL affirmation I say). I am to help them all heal their hearts, and teach them about manifesting the life they desire! I saw in my minds eye this place super successful, with Jason getting blessed as he has blessed these kids so selflessly giving every penny he has to the construction of this place! People NEED to know about people like this and places like this! I will also be painting a mural for them there! People can come and check it out as I paint it and get acquainted to an amazing place with great vibes and the best dang coco I've ever had! After our two hour talk, he walked me to my car, and all of this sudden my guitar that I was just feeling like was to be for someone else, had literally send my heart a message "I'm Jasons now, thank you for being the envelope to get me here". The guitar came to me a few months ago and it was unmarked with the name SX ANGEL. So wild how right from the beginning of my getting it, I knew it was only temporary. He was shocked as I was to give it lol but he said he loved to play but hadn't played for years! It will also serve for the purpose of being able to play by anyone who can't afford a guitar on Tuesday nights for the open mic!

WANNA HEAR SOME AWESOME MUSIC?! Come today at 6 to hear me play at Copley Coffee & Games! I'll see you all who are meant to be there! At 1442 S Cleveland Massilion Rd Copley, OH 44321

With infinite love and light,

The universe through Jordan

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