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Boulders ➡️ Feathers

Our bodies hear it ALL, feel it ALL and remember it ALL. It is within how we deal with these feelings that creates our density. YES, we have the choice in life to drag our feet or float and it is determined by our reactions to life’s experiences. Emotions are first and foremost E-motion. ENERGY in motion. In order to live our truth, the emotions we experience HAVE to stay in motion. For example, a kid gets pushed down in a park and thus cries. Shortly after, the kid is back up and running around all BLISSED out of their mind again like nothing happened. Why? BECAUSE THEY LET THAT SHIT GO. They held onto nothing internally, but instead they felt it as it came and released it as such without fear of judgement. Complete transparency is one of the many things our entire world can learn from children. Treat your emotions like you treat your pee. When you feel like you need to pee, you GO as soon as possible! You release it, and thus you avoid and dis-ease. How sick would we all be if we held our pee in when we had to go? There would be UTI’s everywhere and all would be in extreme discomfort to the max. THATS how sick civilized mankind is, because we have been programmed and taught that we are to bottle up our emotions, bury them under the rug and use an external source to avoid feeling them at all cost. Let’s drink all of our emotions away, or let’s get high enough that we forget and can’t feel anything. I found myself watching movies to escape my reality and really a mix of everything above truthfully. We are told that our “strength” is directly correlated with never crying or showing our emotional side. “Man up” or “stop crying your being a wus”. I can tell you I was told that a lot as the only girl at the skatepark’s growing up. In fact, I programmed myself to not feel anything at all except the slam of my body on the concrete as I used skateboarding as a physical outlet for my emotional turmoil I would bottle up. At least I could feel SOMETHING. I’m here to tell you that I’ve grown. It took getting acquainted with rock bottom for me to feel so out of my heart that something had to give. People create lifetimes of pain just to avoid feeling the small amount it would actually take to release the heaviness on your heart. Fucking wild. In order to see a more beautiful world we MUST shift our perspective on a few simple things. We must see that we are energetic beings and that we live and breath as multi-dimensional beings. We are not just the physical body. In reality, to give a bit of perspective on how large we actually are, when we incarnate, our physical body is as much as a molecule on the end of a pinky finger in comparison to how infinite our souls expansiveness actually is. We exist on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual all simultaneously. Our health is not just healthy body healthy life, our emotional body is EQUALLY important! Our energy centers, also known as the chakras, exist on this plane. We need to change the perception of strength. To be strong is to be emotionally transparent. To be true to your emotions as they come to you. You can either avoid feeling them all together and have the density of a boulder, or you can feel them exactly as a kid would and float through life (before they are ever programmed into fearing showing emotions by societies many unjust manipulations”). A true warrior is in-touch with their emotional body for it is their greatest strength. It is the compass to healthy living, and has wisdom beyond measure. There is nothing faster to stop the flow of energy in your auric field (your energy bubble) than negative thoughts about yourself. They create a dis-ease in your energy flow. Your flow is so so vitally important. For everything you experience in life begins in the energetic emotional plane of existence FIRST long before it manifest into your physical reality. Simply put: Emotions not felt to the fullest create a dis-ease in your energy. This dis-ease then physically manifests I to a DISEASE. (Dis-ease). Getting in tune with all that I am has been the most humbling, ego killing, joy provoking and transformative experience I have ever had. This recent full moon/equinox I noticed some serendipitous events that brought up really old wounds, two particular emotionally abusive relationships that I thought I was done healing. Healing cannot be rushed and all that needs to be release will surface on an as-one-can-handle-it basis and not before. The day of the solstice I could feel such a heightened energy I knew that this would be the final closing of the door on those past events. Thankfully, I have opened my heart to a supportive tribe of warrior healers that are transcending the old in order to best serve this worlds ascension into our truest hearts. We do this simply by following the call of spirit through our gut feelings, healing others through reiki and being an example for all who resonate with it to follow. I knew this heaviness on my heart would hinder me from helping the world for every time I let my mind go back to those past pains, my heart would sink a bit. What it would do energetically, it would directly cut my connection of to spirit and divine wisdom I’ve tried so hard to cultivate within in and take me out of my peaceful heart instantaneously. Thus, that relationship clearly no longer served me to think about. So I wrote on a paper three things I wanted to manifest this full moon, and three things I wanted to release fully and move on from. Then I wrote a letter from my heart to those two individuals clearing the air and speaking my hearts truth that needed to be said. Which is an amazing habit to do so you don’t swallow your words and create a dis-ease in energy on your throat chakra. Stemming from a fear of speaking your truth. Finally I transmuted the letter from the physical to esthetic by burning it. I did this with an amazing group of souls who did the same. As we watched our dreams, and pains burn up into smoke together as a paper torch of sorts, a huge release flew off my shoulders. Yes you can do that. Simple huh? Within the last three years I have seen my life transform in the most beautiful way. Being proactive about healing and making changes that were hints coming through gut feelings ahead of time instead of waiting until your forced to change is an extremely beneficial habit to adopt! I have made the transition from my head to my heart and have seen my physical body follow as a result. From a bolder to feather, I float again once more. With love & light, The Universe through Jordan

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